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Best Practice

Here you will find hints and tips on best practice for the web.

If you have any suggestions for particular subjects you would like us to cover please get in touch at

Web Community@Bradford: Putting the User First (October 2015)

Thanks to everyone who came to our Web Community event on 15 October 2015. We hope you found it useful!

You'll find the Sway presentation from the event below - sign in with your University username and password
We recommend viewing it in full screen using the four-arrow icon on the top right of the presentation. We're also each writing a blog post about the event on the Web Team blog.

Feel free to share it with your colleagues - but not outside of the University of Bradford, as it contains confidential information.

Making your content web friendly

Find out how to repurpose and rewrite your content for the web, so it's scannable and gives the user the information they want quickly.

Plain English guides

Plain English Campaign guidelines

Why write in plain English?

Whenever you're writing for the web, remember users tend to scan websites, not read content word for word. Therefore you should always be striving to make your content scannable. Writing in plain English is one of the ways you can do this.

Plain English is about providing clear and concise information that the intended audience can read, understand and act upon the first time they read it. 

Try to use plain English in all your communications to external and internal audiences.