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The Internal Home Page

The internal home page serves a lot of different purposes, but its main function is to internally communicate important announcements, advertise University events and direct staff and students to important sites e.g. Access to emails off site. With five faculties and a range of professional and student services there are many different types of audiences; as such there are a range of different tabs and e-platforms to cater for these varied interests and needs.

The different tabs include:

  • Staff: This includes all news items relevant to staff members only.
  • Students: This includes all news items relevant to students (of all course programmes) only
  • Events: Any internal event happening on campus or organised by the University of Bradford
  • Learning & Teaching: This includes any events, announcements or conferences which relate to the application of learning and teaching e.g. Conferences on Team Based Learning, changes to Blackboard.
  • Research & Business: This generally involves news which concerns academic research staff and those involved with preparing research grants and bids. It also includes news which relates to opportunities to build business and industry links.

On each individual tab there is a list of quick links on the right hand side which direct visitors to other internal web pages. These can be edited and changed or updated by the Internal Communications & Engagement Officer. 

Front Page

The Internal front page is the landing page for anyone visiting the University of Bradford intranet.

It consists of three main areas:

  • The first is the main feature and includes a rotating image banner.
  • The second is entitled “News” and has a smaller image icon.
  • The third is entitled “Events” and has another smaller image icon.

To be included within any of these sections an image must be provided in the following dimensions: 320 by 640.