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"Horton Barn" Lecture Theatre

Horton Barn Lecture Theatre The "Horton Barn" Lecture Theatre, room D01.27, is a teaching area with a capacity of 399 people. When not in use for teaching, it may be available for staff and student events. A number of smaller classrooms – D01.25, D01.28 and D01.29 – are located nearby and may be booked as breakout spaces.There is also a foyer, D01.16, suitable for registration and refreshments. The classrooms and foyer are not automatically reserved when you book the theatre, but must be requested separately. This entire area is known colloquially as Horton Barn.

Because of its large capacity, the Horton Barn theatre should be booked only for events expecting large numbers of participants – normally, at least 200.

Organisers may be required to pay for additional security cover in the Barn even when the event is not an evening or weekend one. The determination of the number of staff and the duration of cover required will be made by the Security and Emergency Service, taking into account the size and duration of the event, its risk level (eg alcohol service or rival factions expected to attend), whether organiser-supplied stewards have first aid training, and parking requirements, among other factors.

Twenty-eight days notice must be given when applying to use the Barn theatre.

For the same reason, the Barn is not bookable directly by student societies, but may be booked by the Students' Union on behalf of a society.

How to book the Barn for an event

  • University of Bradford Staff: please complete the event application form
  • University of Bradford Union student societies: please approach the Union Administrator, Deborah Moore, as society bookings in this room require Union support.

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