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Great and Small Halls

The Small Hall is a teaching room, but may be available for events in the evenings at weekends. It is flat-floored and has a fire safety capacity of 110, although most seating layouts require a lower limit.

 The Great Hall is our largest venue, able to seat 914 people if both levels are used, or 578 using only the lower level, which has 254 fixed seats and room for a further 324 chairs. Core University business such as graduation ceremonies and student enrolment have first claim on the Great Hall.

Because of its capacity, the Great Hall should be booked only for events expecting large numbers of participants – normally, at least 200. Organisers may be required to pay for additional security cover in the Great Hall even when the event is not an evening or weekend one. The determination of the number of staff and the duration of cover required will be made by the Security and Emergency Service, taking into account the size and duration of the event, its risk level (eg alcohol service or rival factions expected to attend), whether organiser-supplied stewards have first aid training, and parking requirements, among other factors.

Twenty-eight days notice must be given when applying to use the Great Hall.

The Small Hall may be booked by student societies on their own initiative, but the support of UBU is required for events using the Great Hall.

The audio-visual system in the Great Hall must be booked in advance through AV Services, as it is not normally kept ready for use. In both Halls, microphones must also be requested from AV Services. A room reservation alone does not secure use of these facilities.

How to apply to use the Halls for events

  • University of Bradford Staff: please complete the event application form
  • University of Bradford Union student societies: for the Great Hall, please approach the Union Administrator, Deborah Moore, as society bookings in this room require Union support. For the Small Hall, please use the standard application form.

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