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2018/19 Outgoing Student Photo Competition

Every year we hold a photo competition for our outgoing students to highlight the international opportunities available to University of Bradford students. Our five winners took part in a range of different international activities, including Erasmus+ study exchanges, summer internships and volunteering overseas. This year we asked entrants to write short testimonials about how their international experience has boosted their career prospects. You can see the winning photos below.

1st Place - Aneeqa Hussain, BSc Midwifery Studies (Tanzania)

The most important thing I have learnt is to be in the present and enjoy every second because experiences like this are once in a lifetime opportunity. And I sure salvaged every moment. There is always a window of opportunity to learn new skills and I hope I inspire other students to go on an elective placement abroad as it can be life changing. I plan to work abroad when I qualify as a midwife, as experiences are the key to moving forward in this ever-evolving society

Proud to be part of the beautiful journey of life.

Zanzibar is divine. It should be on everyone's bucket list.

Sunsets in Dar es Salaam are a dream.

Volunteering in Amana Hospital was a huge privilege as an aspiring midwife.

2nd Place - Nabeel Zafar, BSc International Business and Management (Spain)

I believe that studying abroad in Valencia for the year will have expanded my future career prospects as I have learnt to become self-reliant. I have understood the importance of being able to communicate effectively in another language which is increasingly valuable. I have had to adapt to completely different food, currency and traditions allowing myself to become culturally and self-aware. I believe all of these aspects together have allowed myself to show my own leadership with confidence and mental strength.

Top of the mountain view from the Natural Park of Penyal d’Ifac, Calpe.

Accommodation rooftop overlooking the UPV university campus and mountains up north of Valencia.

A sunny day in Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Valencia.

Boat ride in the sunset at Albufera Natural Park, Valencia.

3rd Place - Rezwana Akhtar, MPharm (China)

I enjoyed every moment and made lasting memories and friends. In terms of my career, I really feel like I have made myself more available to a greater range of career opportunities. The skills gained in a working environment so different to the UK, push you to learn things at a faster pace and solidify these at a greater depth. I am now excited to implement these in the next opportunity I take.

Overcame my fear of heights on this glass bridge, over 1000 metres above sea level.

This lady offered me a lift after she became impressed with my Mandarin.

A trip to Beijing is not complete without a hike on the Great Wall of China.

Thousands of miles from home, but I felt so centred as I entered this mosque.

4th Place - Maiko Shimizu, MA Peace, Conflict and Development (The Gambia)

I realized that smiling is one of the crucial keys for peace building. Since having studying about the peace in the university of Bradford, I still have not found an answer; What is peace? However, when I went to a village with studying group in the Gambia, some people started to communicate with local people including children, I thought this is showing peace.

Smiling coast of the West Africa – The Republic of the Gambia

Listen to the local voice and open your mind

“Peace” I saw in the Republic of the Gambia

Hello from Senegal- Journey to Casamance region in the country

5th Place - Hannah Mitchell, MChem Chemistry (Germany)

Doing my master’s in this university has allowed me to use a range of equipment that Bradford does not have. Using such equipment and doing complex experiments has improved my analytical and laboratory skills vastly. Working in such a robust lab has also taught me a how Research Assistant works, which is the profession that I want to work in. Without the experience of Erasmus, I would not have known what is required of me to do such a role. Doing something completely out of character has improved my confidence and social skills.

ERASMUS inclusivity is a must

Always One Step Away from Changing the World

Germany and its Evergreens

From Dusk to Dawn