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UNIfy Festival Programme 2021

Delivered from 12-16 April 2021 UNIfy Festival featured 16 events with over 100 speakers and 14 official festival partners. Created with our partners and communities it was an exciting programme of free events, interactive workshops, lectures, panel discussions and more.

Watch the highlights of the UNIfy festival here.



UNIfy Catch Up

Diagnosing Disease: Creating a Pathology Display

The National Science and Media Museum hosted this event to look at the journey of turning a foyer display into an online exhibition.

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Cars, Cinema and Culture

Love them or hate them, most of us have an opinion about cars. At this UNIfy event, Yunis Alam and David Wilson discuss cars, culture and cinema and how they impact our identity and society.

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Bradford: A place of sanctuary and peace building

This event told Bradford's history of peace activism, we met some who have sought sanctuary in the city and heard how they have made Bradford their home. We also learnt about the amazingly diverse and creative range of projects that seek to support sanctuary seekers.

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Student and Business Innovation in Bradford

This event showcased businesses founded by students living in Bradford. It explored the journey of setting up a business as a student and provided an insight to the obstacles face as well as their hopes for Bradford’s business community.

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Recreate: Utilising unused spaces in Bradford

During UNIfy 2021, the University and Bradford 2025 launched a competition asking Bradford what they would do if they were given an unused space in the City? How would it contribute and benefit society, culture and the economy of Bradford? How would it be a responsible, sustainable and innovative business?

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Virtual Bradford: Creating a virtual city for the future

This event showed how this clone will provide accurate levels of detail of the built environment for various priorities uses for the Council, including urban/ civic planning; improve traffic management; support the modelling of air quality, flood risk and noise pollution; contribute to disaster management planning; and to highlight the heritage of the City and its benefit to enhancing education, tourism and in fostering civic pride.

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Why centring diverse voices and histories shouldn’t be contained to campaigns

The University of Bradford is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion so what does this mean for staff, students and our partners? Through a lens of celebrating awareness campaigns this event as part of UNIfy Festival considered how institutions celebrate these campaigns with integrity and ensure the work is embedded beyond the period of celebration. It discussed the purpose, contribution and intentions of campaign months/weeks/days and what this means for institutions year round.

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Festival Closing Event and Pitch 2022

This UNIfy closing event is an opportunity to reflect on the festival and hear some ideas for content to be developed for 2022 Festival.

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UNIfy Extra

At UNIfy 2021 we also launched a range of activities, projects and vdieos for you to take part in over the next 12 months.