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UNIfy Extra

At UNIfy 2021 we launched a range of projects and content for you to engage with over the next 12 months. You can find this below and if you want to find out more contact

Conversations With . . .

A daily conversation celebrating some of our favourite cultural figures in Bradford.  

An opportunity to watch and listen as they share with us about their lives, their hopes and aspirations for the cultural sector, as well as their favourite book, music, film (or play) and place to visit in Bradford. During the conversation our celebrated guest will also be presented with an Honorary Award from the University of Bradford. 

Conversations with...will be shared by e-mail each day at 12 noon throughout the Festival week. To make sure you don’t miss the conversations sign up to our Unify mailing list.  

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Dark shadowy profiles of people sat talking in a cafe in front of a large, bright window.

Pass the Portrait

During UNIfy 2021, we launched Pass the Portrait and the final exhibition will be presented at UNIfy 2022.

The idea for Pass the Portrait was submitted through our community consultation by Mark Dolby who is the Director of STORY Film and Photography.

Over the next 12 months Mark will mentor people from across the district to take a portrait of their chosen person with the aim of telling a range of stories of interesting people who live, work, or make Bradford the wonderful place it is.

Mark has chosen the first person who has had their portrait taken and from this point it will be determined by who they chose. At UNIfy 2022 we will showcase the portraits and the stories behind them.

See the portrait and a video from Mark introducing the project.

Camera Lens

Academic and Artist Engagement project

Dancer performing in front of a crowd.

Ever wondered what research and its findings would look like if it was translated into movement? Would removing the language barrier enable new audiences to engage with research? As part of UNIfy 2021 Kala Sangam launched a project to give academics and dancers the chance to meet and discuss research projects in the hope connections are made to form a partnership. They will work together over the next 10-12 months with the aim of the dancer translating the research themes or finding into a movement piece.

Two partnerships have been formed, Dr Ben Jennings, Associate Professor in Archaeological Studies has been paired with Vince Virr, a multifaceted international dance artist and Dr Fiona Macaulay, Senior Lecturer in Peace Studies is partnered with Shambik Ghose and Dr. Mitul Sengupta, Directors of Rhythmosaic Sengupta Dance Company.

We hope two movement pieces will be presented at UNIfy2022 as a result of this project.

Find out more about these partnerships.