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The Better Angels of Our Nature and the Last World War

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The Division of Peace Studies and International Development at the University of Bradford has its origins in the world's first university department dedicated to Peace Studies when Adam Curle was appointed as professor of peace studies in 1973 with the support of funding from the Quaker Peace Studies Trust.

Is violence inherent in human psyche? Are we living in a world of ever increasing conflicts and insecurity or in fact has there been a long peace? How do we come to terms with genocides and mass atrocities? Is there hope? These are some of the profound questions as important today as they have been in Adam Curle's time in Bradford. These have been examined by Steven Pinker in his books on this subject.

About the speaker: Prof Steven Pinker is Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, and a public intellectual well known for his work on linguistics, language, and understanding the causes and effects of wars and violence.

He is author of numerous best-selling books including 'The Better Angels of Our Nature' and 'Enlightenment Now'. He is a recipient of eight honorary doctorates and many teaching awards and has won prizes of the National Academy of Sciences for his work on vision and language. His current research includes historical and current trends in violence much discussed in the Better Angels. Vice Chancellor Professor Shirley Congdon will chair this event.

Please contact Prof PB Anand (, convenor of this event for any further information.

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