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11th Making Diversity Interventions Count Annual Conference 2022

About the conference

The Centre for Inclusion and Diversity (CfID), University of Bradford is delighted to invite you to the 11th annual Making Diversity Interventions Count Annual Conference (MDICAC) on Wednesday 25 May 2022, 12:30 - 17:00 BST.

This conference attracts contributions from renowned national and international speakers; and features the latest research and development as well as the synthesis and application of knowledge. The conference focuses on exploring the varying interventions aimed at advancing equality, with the objective of informing the development of good practice in the effective use of diversity interventions in organisations.

The conference also provides a platform for the Barbara Burford annual memorial lecture. A lifelong champion of equality and diversity, Barbara inspired national level change through her work.

Participative, challenging and thought provoking - this conference is designed to provide an international, inter- and intra-disciplinary platform for exchange of ideas in the field of equality, diversity and inclusion in the world of work and service delivery.

The MDICAC conference is organised by the Equality and Diversity team.

Conference Host and Chairs

Plenary Speakers

Roundtable Discussion

11th Annual Barbara Burford Memorial Lecturer

Parallel Sessions Speakers

Parallel Workshop Speakers

Poster Presentations

About the theme

Decolonising Diversity Interventions in a Pandemic World

The realities of the pandemic have exposed layers of inequality at both national and international levels and laid bare the failure of the unequal structures that govern societies globally. We have witnessed how decades of deprivation, segregation and neglect of segments of societies has caused disproportionate impact on minoritised populations. The pandemic has had significant impact on all aspects of life and further worsened the plight of disadvantaged groups. The politics surrounding the pandemic attests to the fact that societal systems are skewed in favour of dominant groups. This is reflected in the way that our healthcare systems are designed; how universities are structured, and particularly in the way that knowledge is produced.

There is a growing consensus for the need to decolonise social systems, yet the question of what and how exactly to decolonise remain unanswered. The concept and contexts of decolonisation still appear vague and there seems to be a resistance even from those worse affected by colonisation. Could diversity interventions provide an alternative means to decolonising?

This year’s conference welcomes critical theoretical and/or empirical research including but not limited to the subthemes highlighted below. This also includes research and good practices from across all disciplines and sectors, encouraging interdisciplinary and non-traditional research and practice on diversity interventions and decolonisation.

11th MDICAC Programme

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