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BASS: The Great Resignation - Strategies to retain top talent

  • Tuesday 26 July 2022, 3:00pm to 4:00pm
  • This is an online event.
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About this event

In the past two years we all have witnessed two things universally – Uncertainty (jobs, health, economy) & Rapid change (market conditions, customer preferences, national regulations, work place etc).

Building the capacity of leaders and equipping them to nimbly respond to the speed of change, adapt to uncertainty and not only bounce back but grow from setbacks is becoming increasingly important and urgent.

Just like physical workspaces are being revisited now, the skill sets and capabilities of our leaders and our people need revision too. Good leadership has always been important, but it is especially critical during change & uncertainty.

In this talk, Archana will present a model on “Collaborative Leadership” based on the research she has conducted during the pandemic with global leaders across domains and her own experience of over 20 years leading strategic projects and coaching leaders and teams. Archana will also draw upon the latest research from neuroscience, well-being, burnout, and the science of motivation.

Learning Objectives

  • Impactful leaders
  • Why is it important to upskill now?
  • 3 big leadership gaps.
  • 3 mistakes leaders make when leading remote.
  • The “Great Resignation”.
  • Collaborative Leadership: 3 foundational pillars, the bedrock of impactful leaders.
  • 3 essential skills to become inspirational and impactful leaders.
  • Q & A

Speaker: Archana Shetty, MBA, PMP, ACC

Archana is an executive leadership and team coach and mentor. She is the CEO of WeLead, a consultancy company that provides data driven insights and neuroscience based interventions to improve leadership, team and project performance without people burning out. Her thought leadership is on Collaborative leadership, a framework she developed to help successful leaders become impactful even in chaos and uncertainty. She is currently working on an AI powered platform to help leaders scale to the next level.

She specializes in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership development, Team building and Culture transformation. She is in the top 100 Global thought leaders list curated by PeopleHum.

She helps mid-sized and large purpose driven companies mainly in tech, financial services and health-care to measurably increase employee engagement, well-being, team cohesiveness, productivity, creativity, customer satisfaction and speed to market.

Archana works with multi-national companies including the largest banks in MENA, government and health sector. She is a PMP, holds a MBA from University of Bradford and brings over 20 years of corporate experience leading strategic programs and working with multi-cultural, diverse, global teams. She has been coaching and mentoring corporate executives and teams since the past 8 years. She is ICF certified, Daniel Goleman EI associate, Marshall Goldsmith executive and team coach. She also coaches and mentors startup entrepreneurs who are scaling up and are in the hyper growth phase.

She coaches and consults on Leadership Development, Leading virtual teams, Building resilient teams, Preventing Stress and Burnout, Reducing attrition, Conflict Management.

She has spoken at numerous global conferences on leadership including PMI, ICF, National Toastmasters Conference etc

She is the host, and curator of the Inspirational leadership summit where she brings global thought leaders like Daniel Goleman, Dr. Richard Boyatzis, Tal Ben-Shahar, Marshall Goldsmith, Art Markman, Dorie Clark, Debashis Chatterjee etc together to share new and breakthrough ideas on Strategy, Leadership and Culture. Archana graduated from the University of Bradford MBA programme in 2013.