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Vacating a Room or Premises

When is this advice applicable?

Where a School is required to vacate University premises either to: 

  • allow refurbishment for the occupier
  • allow refurbishment for a new occupier
  • make the area available to a new occupier

What is the purpose of this note?

The responsibility for the timely and effective withdrawal from premises rests with the occupier.   This Guidance Note sets out a minimum standard to which Schools must adhere.

All spaces

Upon vacating University accommodation (whether it be a single or suite of rooms, or a complete building) the School must be able to certify that the following has been achieved:

No files, books, periodicals, magnetic or other forms of electronic media etc. remain in the premises.

  • All furniture has been removed.
    In certain circumstances you may be able to leave furniture that is surplus to your requirements.   This must be clearly labelled as such.
  • All equipment (including scientific and office equipment) has been removed from the premises unless prior arrangements have been made for disposal.  
    Note that fixed service connections (e.g. spur connection to mains) must be disconnected by a member of Estates staff or their appointed contractor.
  • In the case of equipment left by arrangement for disposal, the equipment does not contain hazardous materials (e.g asbestos).
  • No chemicals or other hazardous materials (including medical sharps etc) remain in the premises.

Science Laboratories and Workshops

In addition to the above the School must be able to certify that:

  • A comprehensive list of the chemicals that may have been poured into wastes or used in fume/laminar flow cabinets has been supplied.
  • All work surfaces, storage cupboards/drawers and fume cupboards have been decontaminated.
  • All glass/vulcathene wastes and traps have been thoroughly flushed until they run clear/clean.

Failure to Comply

If you do not meet these minimum standards this is likely to lead to delays in the commencement and delivery of refurbishment works, with implications for the occupier due to late completion.

The University may incur additional costs which could (in the case of hazardous or unspecified materials, or equipment that might contain such materials) be considerable.    Such costs will be redirected to the outgoing department.