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Our Green Energy Challenge

Find out all about the Green in the residents guide book - A Big Green Welcome (pdf, 3.9MB)

Page 13 tells you all about how the Green is Green - measures reducing energy and water use, reducing waste, making transport easier and improving biodiversity.

Pages 14-18 give you tips on how to reduce your impact in all parts of your house - kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and out of the house.

How much Energy do you use?

For March 2013 - the average Green Resident used

  • 88 kWh of Electricity - enough to boil a kettle around 500 times!
  • 2.7 cubic meters of water - enough to fill around 20 bath tubs!
  • 298 kWh of heat - enough to run a sauna for 2 days!
  • All contributing to 106 kg carbon dioxide - the same as driving a car for 350 miles!

How much Energy can you save?

Last year we saved 68 tonnes of CO2 emissions through the OGEC project. We celebrated with a big end of year bbq down at the Green with activities such as badminton and table tennis and helped along with music from RamAir. 

We're currently in the planning stages for 2013-14's programme, so keep your eyes peeled in September for the launch!