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Cleaning SLAs

These are the draft Service Level Agreements for Cleaning tasks undertaken by Estates and Facilities.

Service Levels have been calculated after considering the severity of the issue, the disruption caused to users and where appropriate it's location. All the Service Level Agreements for the department will be discussed with Schools shortly with a view to ratification by the University.

The cross-section SLA document contains details of the service offered, contact information and the responsibility of both the User and Estates and Facilities, our commitments and whether the task falls inside or outside of our agreed overheads.

Sample tasks for this section are included below and the full draft Service Level Agreements (xlsx, 87KB) is available for download.

The majority of cleaning undertaken by Estates and Facilities is planned and repetitive. Daily, weekly and monthly schedules on what and where is cleaned, can be viewed in the Cleaning Specification.

Typical Cleaning Tasks

 Task Job TypeResponseRectification
Extra Spot Cleaning Cleaning 1 day 3 days
Deep Clean Cleaning 3 days 14 days
Spillage on Carpet Cleaning 1 day 14 days
Spillage on Hard Floor (wet) Cleaning 1 day 3 days
Waste Collection Cleaning 1 day 3 days

Window Cleaning

Service Provision from Estates & Facilities Department - Biannually

  • External glass to be cleaned on both sides. 

Responsibilities of Users

  • Access to windows during cleaning times, keep window ledges free of obstructions and heed warning signs or areas closed off where high level cleaning is in progress.