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Portering Service

The Portering service the university provides is limited to:

  • Removal of day to day waste, waste materials for recycling and confidential waste from pre-determined collection points.
  • Removal of recycling from departments.
  • Setting up and taking down furniture and display stands for important university events such as Open Days, Graduation Ceremonies, Exams, Registration.
  • Sweeping and clearing external areas immediately adjacent to main entrances to buildings as well as spreading of grit and clearing of snow when the weather makes this necessary.
  • Dealing with spills and floods as required.
  • Secure collection, transport, archiving and disposal of students' exam papers.
  • Assisting Exams office, invigilators and other staff/students during examinations by preparing exam rooms, displaying information and escorting students where asked to do so by invigilators.
  • Assisting security staff with crowd management during degree ceremonies.

These are the primary duties of porters. Where these and staffing levels allow, porters will often help in other duties such as moving equipment, boxes and furniture around buildings. Please see Guide to moving offices. It is important to stress that such help can only be provided where and when the work load from the above duties and staffing levels are sufficient. Much will depend on the amount of notice, the time of the year and the size of the move required as well as the degree of flexibility available in the timing of such moves.

All requests for Portering Services should be addressed to ext. 3001 or email