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A Guide to Moving Offices

Here are a few simple tips to help make office moving as easy as possible for all concerned: 

  • Be aware that office moves are mostly now carried out by contractors and the cost will be passed on to you.
  • Try to give as much notice as possible to Ancillary Services of your proposed moving date/s. Someone from Ancillary Services will visit you and advise as to how long the job will take and when it will be possible to carry out the move.
  • Boxes and packing crates are always scarce. There is a small number of crates owned by the University but usually they are hired in. In either case it is important that as soon as the move is complete you manage the collection of crates so they are not lost, stolen or left full of contents for months on end. Try to use them sparingly and sensibly.
  • When packing, please remember, if you cannot lift the boxes when they are packed then it is very likely that the porters cannot lift them either. If there are any large PC boxes amongst the boxes you are given, use these for PCs or for light items such as large box files, rather than the more dense items such as books.
  • It is the person/s who are moving who are responsible for ensuring that computers are dismantled and securely packed up (unless specific arrangements are made with the removals company to include this in the job).
  • Large items of furniture, such as workstations, fitted bookshelves etc, sometimes require joiners to dismantle them beforehand. Likewise with notice-boards that are screwed to walls. For help with the removal of workstations, computer/IT sockets, voice sockets etc, please contact the Computer Centre Helpline on extension 3333 or email For large moves a joiner may be allocated for the day by the removals company.
    University Joiners can be requested by contacting Estates & Facilities on extension 3001 and leaving details of the job to be carried out.


All requests for Portering Services should be addressed to or telephone extension 3001.