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Planning Changes to the Estate?

Are you planning a change, need an Estates project or work on the estate?

Changing something on the estate will have implications that you may not have thought of, and for good reasons it is likely to take a substantial amount of time. A £50,000 project with a variety of trades and fit out work could take 6 months from inception to completion. If you need significant work to be ready for the start of Semester 1, to be reasonably confident you need to contact Estates and Facilities before the end of the preceding January.

If you have ideas or proposals involving a change to the estate you should speak to one of the Estates Managers at the earliest opportunity for advice, contacts are listed below. 

In the meantime guidance is provided that will inform you on what may be involved and an indication of how much time you may need to allow, these are not exact and will vary depending on a number of factors.

A useful document outlining the Estates project planning cycle and workflow has been developed and approved. Estates Project Planning Cycle (287k, pdf).

Contact Details

Director (Estates and Facilities) Clive Wilson 3110
Estates Manager Russell Smith 3496
Building Team Leader Andrew Hague 5020
Engineering Team Leader Mark Wrigley 5439
Space Manager Steve Jenkins 3420
Helpdesk   3001