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Privacy Policy

Data Collection

The Salto database only includes users' names and staff or student number and no personal data is held on the card or within the database. Photographs are not stored within the card access system. However some grouping of locks can identify personal information (e.g. extra user accessibility requirements).

When a card is presented to a lock or reader, the card identifier (combining staff/student number and surname), the date and time, card issue number and the internal card identification code are returned to the audit data.

Use of Data

The information is collected for security and administrative purposes. Audit data will be not routinely be shared with Faculties and Departments without the university data controller's approval. Where reports are produced on room or building utilisation from card transactions, the reports will be anonymised.

Data Protection and Disclosure

The University is your data controller. As your data controller the University has notified its activities to the Office of the Information Commissioner as required under the Data Protection Act 1998 (the "Act") and is listed in the Public Register of Data Controllers. Personal data will be collected and processed in accordance with the Act and the University's Data Protection Policy.

Audit information including names and dates/times of access will be released through the data controller for identification and security purposes, or abuse of privileges.

The software is password protected for all users and access to sensitive information is only available to users where there is a business need, in accordance with the principals of the Data Protection Act.