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Having Problems with your Card?

There are a number of reasons that may result in your card not permitting access through a lock that you either did have access to or, you should have access to.

Broken Cards

If the card is split along one of the edges then the card will need replacing. This can be done free of charge by taking the damaged card to MyBradford - Student Services, Richmond Building during normal working hours. If the card is damaged then none of the card readers will respond when the card is offered to the reader. Please note that the card should still function, even if the card is scratched or faded.

Access Problems

Access can be denied by the lock for any of the following reasons:

  • The user does not have access to that building, corridor, room or area.
  • The user has time limited access and the card is presented out of those hours.
  • The card has expired.
  • The card is removed before the data transaction is complete.
  • The card has been barred. The card database is linked to HR & Student Data systems and access is automatically terminated when staff or students leave or are suspended.

In any of the above cases, please contact or telephone 01274 236620 in the first instance. Requests for changes to access may require Faculty approval before being assigned.

Faulty Locks

Salto handles warn when batteries are low by flashing red a number of times before allowing (or refusing) entry. These warning are added to each card and transmitted to the database when next presented to an online reader. Should the handle be completely dead to all cards then it is likely the batteries have drained completely.

Faults can happen with online card readers  for a number of reasons including hardware, power supply, alarm system faults and malfunctioning push buttons and readers. Please notify us if the readers is flashing red and/or alarming for no apparent reason.

If you suspect there is a physical issue with a reader on the door access system, please report the fault to or telephone 01274 2333001.