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South Asian Heritage Month: Dr Yunis Alam

Yunis is currently Head of Sociology and Criminology at the University of Bradford, where he has worked for over 20 years as a lecturer in sociology, before that, lecturing in literature and creative writing. Yunis completed his undergraduate and Phd at the University of Bradford. His love of reading and writing came from his father who was an avid writer and poet. He is an ethnographer and conducts research relating to ethnic relations and ethnic inequalities, with his most recent book opening up the significance of cars in everyday life (link if you like). He has also written a number of novels and short stories based in Bradford, and also exploring themes that crossover into his sociological work.  

Yunis has spent much time researching and interviewing British Bradford Pakistani men about the simple misinformed representation perpetuated in news and media. Yunis is a truth seeker. Researching and delving into the deep midst of society to truly understand how the historical actions of colonial past effects today’s communities living in Bradford.  

Yunis’s has mixed views about his south Asian heritage. Being south Asian is matter of fact and we are here because the colonisers were there. He embraces who he is as well as advocates for others. He has mentored and inspired many students from Bradford and continues to support postgrad researchers through their Phd’s.    

Dr Yunis Alam, Head of Department, Sociology and Criminology FLMSS/School of Social Sciences/Sociology and Criminology

Dr Yunis Alam - Head of Department, Sociology and Criminology, School of Social Sciences, FoMLSS, Chair of Staff Race Equality Forum