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South Asian Heritage Month: Aysha Ibrahim

‘Proud to be from a south Asian heritage with a family from a Kenyan background.’

 My family are south Asian from Lahore Pakistan. When my grandparents married, they moved to Kenya and made a life for themselves there. They met many south Asians living in Kenya together with Africans and Arabs. My grandmother would talk to me in many different languages she learned whilst living amongst a large community of humble people from different backgrounds.  I always remember her telling me how nice it felt to be able to experience other cultures from the south Asian background as well as the local culture and customs. My grandparents moved to the U.K with their children in the 70’s and my mother was 13 years old. I love listening to my mother tell me of all her adventures she has whilst living in Kenya.

 I feel lucky to have a family with a culturally rich background full of experiences and stories!

Aysha Ibrahim, Programme Administrator

Aysha Ibrahim - Programme Administrator