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n-able: Network for Promoting Disability Equality

n-able meet four times a year in an informal setting to discuss issues, initiatives and support within the disability agenda. We also organise events and activities.

The network aims to:

  • Provide a forum for disabled staff to:
    • Share knowledge and experience in a safe and supportive environment.
    • Have a collective voice and contribute to the University’s disability agenda.
    • Gain knowledge and access appropriate support available for disabled staff.
  • Provide the University with the opportunity to:
    • Consult and collaborate with disabled staff.
    • Increase disability awareness and push the disability agenda.
    • Raise the profile of disability within the equality and diversity remit.
    • Increase accessibility and inclusion across all areas.
    • Celebrate and promote disability through events and training.
  • Share knowledge and ideas.
    • Increase member knowledge through attendance at external events.
    • Showcase n-able’s work through social media, web presence and events.

The strategic work of n-able feeds into the Equality and Diversity Committee and we work closely alongside the Equality & Diversity Team, and other staff networks.

n-able has been consulted on various activities across the University including the Dusabled Employee Guide. We contribute to the Equality Impact Assessment analysis and advise on new and updated policies and procedures across the University.

In 2015, n-able achieved "Awesome" network status and the co-chairs received the Inclusive Networks award for Network Leaders of the Year. In 2016, n-able was a key contributor and organiser of the very successful Diversity Festival. 

Anyone can join us. You do not need to have an impairment or tell us that you are disabled. You can become a member if you have an interest in disability and would like to contribute to the disability agenda. We meet in a safe and confidential environment and welcome all opinions and beliefs. 

Come and join n-able so that we can continue to have our voices heard!

If you would like to join n-able or know more about the network:

  • Telephone: 01274 235978

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