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Equality Impact Assessment and Analysis

Welcome to the University of Bradford Equality Impact Assessment and Analysis Webpage

Here you will find summaries of many of our completed equality impact assessments, along with Word and PDF copies of the full equality impact assessments themselves.

We hope you find these informative and useful. If you have any queries, or if you require information or equality impact assessments in an alternative format, please do not hesitate to contact the Equality Unit at the University of Bradford.

What is an equality impact assessment?

Equality impact assessment and analysis is a way for public authorities such as Universities to check that their policies, practices, functions, procedures and criteria do not disadvantage, exclude or otherwise unlawfully discriminate against certain people or groups of people, and that they make a contribution to equality and diversity wherever possible. We are required by law to carry them out and they help us to understand the impacts and effects of our policies and practices on equality.

The University of Bradford carries them out across all equality characteristics to eradicate any adverse impacts for our staff and students: race, sex, gender reassignment, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion and belief, and pregnancy and maternity.

It is useful to think of equality impact assessment and analysis as 'risk assessments' or a form of quality assurance, making sure that the University is a fully inclusive environment for students, staff and visitors. As such, in addition to our legal duties, there is also a compelling business case for carrying them out.

All staff who are required to develop or review policies are likely to be asked to carry out equality impact assessment and analysis at some point. Every equality impact assessment undertaken at the University of Bradford has a lead person who is responsible for carrying out the assessment and ensuring delivery of actions, and monitoring and review of the assessment.

The Equality and Diversity Unit can offer one-to-one assistance, training, advice and other support staff feel they need in understanding or completing equality impact assessment and analysis. To contact the Unit with any queries please email:

You can download our supporting documents and completion template for equality impact assessments from the link on the left.