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Equality Impact Assessment 

An Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) is a review of activity and outcomes from an equality and diversity perspective. It is a way of carefully considering a policy, procedure, or service, to establish and record whether it affects different groups of people in different ways, to identify disadvantage and take appropriate steps to eliminate discrimination.

The University Executive Board (UEB) has made a commitment that all policy proposals, project plans and strategy documents presented to the Board are accompanied by evidence that consideration has been given to an Equality Impact Assessment. 

All areas that have the lead responsibility for developing and revising policies, procedures, or are undertaking projects are required to understand and implement the Equality Impact Assessment process.

Before carrying out EIA, you should familiarise yourself with the University‚Äôs online Equality & Diversity training and undertake our EIA training. All future training dates can be found here

Please read the guidance below before filling out the form.