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Equality and Diversity Structures

Equality and Diversity Committee

The Equality and Diversity Committee is the main forum for discussion and agreement of University-wide policies and initiatives relating to equality, diversity, and inclusion.

This Committee is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of the University and brings together representatives from the University's Executive Board and Council, Academia, Human Resources, Chairs of Staff Networks, a community member, and the Equality and Diversity team. All decisions agreed here are then forwarded to the University's Executive Board for approval.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Committee

  • To be responsible for the development, implementation, monitoring and review of policy and procedures and practice.
  • To monitor statistics and data that evidence the University’s compliance with its regulatory and legal duties as a public sector organisation, and to help to identify area of good practice.
  • To oversee progress against the University Strategy and Supporting Strategy equality and diversity key performance indicators and to advise Executive Board of any steps necessary to affect positive performance.
  • To receive regular reports on student and staff demographic data and to receive accompanying relevant reports seeking to address any identifiable inequalities.
  • To receive regular reports on equality and diversity matters impacting on the staff or student experience for example student attainment, equal pay.
  • To monitor progress with achievement of equality and diversity kite marks and accreditations and to ensure effective action planning and implementation.
  • To receive regular relevant reports from the Diversity Staff Forum and Staff Networks and from the Students’ Union.
  • To ensure that appropriate equality and diversity training and development is provided and accessible to all staff, students and others associated with the University

Diversity and Inclusion Facilitators

Diversity and Inclusion Facilitators work collaboratively with the Dean/Director of Faculty/Directorate, Professor of Diversity, the HR Director, the Equality and Diversity (E&D) Team and other Faculty/ Directorate Diversity and Inclusion Facilitators on the development and implementation of the E&D agenda within the university.

The overall purpose of the role is to:

  • support the mainstreaming and integration of E&D awareness into the day to day activities of their Faculty/Directorate
  • provide assistance and advice to Dean /Director to promote E&D across the area to both staff and students
  • ensure their colleagues are aware of best practice developments in E&D and any changes to relevant legislation
  • set local diversity objectives/action plan on an annual basis in conjunction with the Dean/Director.
  • coordinate area activities around equality charter marks e.g. Athena Swan, Race Charter Mark, Disability confident

Specific tasks associated with the role

  • act as the first point of contact and source of local advice on E&D issues and legislation in the wider sense.
  • cascade news of changes to policy and procedures, best practice and developments in E&D to colleagues and students within their area
  • collect feedback from staff and students on E&D matters for discussion at staff equality network meetings and Equality and Diversity Committee
  • support and promote consultation with staff and students on E&D initiatives
  • assist the Dean/Director in their area annually to produce local diversity objectives supported by a local action plan
  • meet regularly (at least four times per year) with Dean/Director to review the areas progress against objectives
  • support their area in developing local monitoring procedures including equality impact assessment and to report to the Equality and Diversity Committee
  • Assess area equality and diversity training needs and to work with the Equality and Diversity Team to suggest/design local training and development solutions.

DIF Involvement in Decision Management

The requirement for the DIF to be involved in all aspects of a faculty’s/directorate’s activities means that they will have to have a significant presence in the management structure of the area.


This will vary from area to area.  Best practice would be to allocate up to 12 % workload to this role.

Name Faculty/Department E-mail

Amizan Omar

School of Management and Law.

Barbara Stewart-Knox

School of Social Sciences

Elaine Brown

Faculty Of Engineering and Informatics

Joanne Beaumont

Careers and Employability

Karina Croucher

Faculty of Life Sciences

Kate Rogers

Human Resources

 Paul Watson


Ruth Girdham

Faculty of Health

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