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Dignity and Respect Advice Service 

Our staff and students expect to be treated with dignity and respect and the University is a place where people are protected from treatment which demeans them, or is unfair or intimidating.

Our university has a network of trained staff that are available to discuss any aspect of behaviour that causes concern. The advice service is trained on subjects including equality and diversity, bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

Dignity and Respect Advisors will listen to your concerns and provide comprehensive impartial advice, signposting and information on our policies and current legislation. Staff involved with the Dignity and Respect Network work across a range of faculties and services from within the University.

Please remember your own responsibilities to treat your colleagues, students and all guests to the University with the dignity and respect you yourself expect to receive. You can play your part by being sensitive to the views of others, which may frequently differ from your own, and trying to create an environment where your own behaviour, language or conduct does not create any offence or misunderstanding.

It is the responsibility of every member of our University to help create an inclusive community where everyone is enabled to achieve their full potential and mutual respect is the norm.

Further information around Dignity and Respect can be found in the Dignity and Respect Policy on HR Servicenow.

If you would like to speak to someone from the Equality & Diversity about this service please contact or call Soniya Zeb on 01274 236049.

Dignity & Respect Policy and Procedure

Dignity and Respect Advice Service Procedure

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