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Equality and Diversity Executive Group

The Equality and Diversity Executive Group has disbanded.  This page contains historic information relating to the work of this group.

Main responsibilities of the Equality and Diversity Executive Group (EDEG) include:

  • Setting priorities for the Equality and Diversity Unit.
  • Acting as a sounding board for School/Directorate equality and diversity initiatives.
  • To ensure key priorities are included in the Equality and Diversity Committee (EDC) agenda.
  • To inform and advise on training on equality and diversity, supporting equality and diversity competency for leaders and managers.
  • Discuss any matter referred to it by EDC, and to convey its views thereon to the EDC as appropriate.
  • To review and monitor University's/Planning Units' equality statistics and advise EDC on actions to be taken.
  • To provide a strategic overview of the Equality Impact Assessment Analysis (EIAA) process and progress.
  • Steering the Equality and Diversity Strategy (Advisory Board).
  • To report on employee and student related issues. 

EDEG Meeting Dates 2014 - 2015

EDEG1 Tuesday 9th September 2014 2pm - 4pm D42, Richmond
EDEG2 Monday 24th November 2014 2pm - 4pm D2, Richmond
EDEG3 Tuesday 17th February 2015 2pm - 4pm D2, Richmond
EDEG4 Tuesday 21st May 2015 2pm - 4pm  D2, Richmond

Membership 2014 - 2015


Prof Uduak Archibong

Deputy Chair of EDC

Dr Pam Bagley

Equality and Diversity Unit representative

Ms Kathy Hobbs / Mr Kez Hayat


Schools/Directorate representation

3 (1 from CS and 2 from Academic schools)

Student representation

Ms Charlie Ryman

Staff Network representation

Prof. Yunas Samad

Legal Adviser

Ms Susan Matthews

Strategic Planning Manager


Dignity and Respect Support Contact Persons

Ms Rebecca Bradley

Learning and Teaching representative

Mr Sean Walton /  Mr Kanja Sesay

Research & Knowledge Transfer representative


Disability Service representative

Ms Helena Jones

HR and DIFS CS Representation


DIFS School Representation

Ms Ruth Girdham 

Student Representation Mr Jimi Oke
Ms Subira Ismail
Ms Samayya Afzal