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Brad-iCOUNT Fund

The Brad-iCOUNT Fund Programme is designed to provide guidance and financial support for innovative EDI ideas proposed by members of the University community on a yearly basis.

Call for Application 2022/2023


The EDI strategy is the public declaration of our commitment to develop a fully inclusive institutional climate, which fosters a culture of equality that makes our diversity count. Our goal is to enable all those within the University community to develop their understanding of EDI matters, in order to build the confidence to contribute and act to deliver change in our university.

Brad-iCOUNT is a platform for the conception and implementation of a variety of key EDI projects to support the delivery of components of our strategic EDI plans. The programme encompasses different EDI programmes cutting across all aspects of university’s strategic work including research and innovation, learning, teaching and student experience, HR, business, and community engagement.  It covers specific activities that contribute to areas such as training, access and participation initiatives, legacy events, policy and practice, and executive development.

The Brad-iCOUNT Fund is a component of the Brad-iCOUNT Programme designed to provide guidance and financial support for innovative EDI ideas proposed by members of the University community on a yearly basis. The Fund aims to encourage and attract wider participation of staff and students across the University to increase the awareness and visibility of our EDI work. The Fund also encourages everyone to think creatively about EDI, knowing that the implementation of their ideas will be fully supported by the University. Brad-iCOUNT funded projects are activities that deliver new actions, over and above the work that should be ‘business as usual’ to support EDI.


The Brad-iCOUNT Fund aims to:

  1. position our EDI effort at the heart of the University.
  2. trigger wider participation of colleagues across the university in our EDI vision. This will encourage individuals and group to put forward proposal for consideration.
  3. expand the pool of innovative EDI activities in the University. This will help to improve the EDI reputation and enhance positive perception of the institution. Projects implemented through this programme will support the realisation of the University’s EDI Strategy and action plans, including the application to and delivery of our Charter marks such as Athena Swan, Race Equality Charter, Disability Confident Scheme and the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index.

Guidelines for Application 2022/23

Applications are invited from members of the University community with creative and strategic EDI initiatives/projects which align to our EDI priorities and can contribute to the delivery of our strategic EDI objectives.

We are looking for innovative projects or initiatives to help us deliver results over and beyond our usual activities to support our EDI work. The programme(s) can focus on students, staff or both.

Applicants will be expected to demonstrate the benefits of their projects and how each initiative enhances the achievement of our EDI strategic objectives as well as benefit to staff and/or students in the University.

Who can apply?

All members of the university community can apply for the Brad-iCOUNT Fund. However, student applicants must work with at least a member of staff to develop their application. PGR students are encouraged to work with their supervisors and/or other members of staff. The funding scheme is open to either an individual or a group. Staff and Student Equality Networks can apply as a group.

Potential applicants can get mentorship and support on how to develop their applications through the Associate Deans [EDI] or Dr Kingsley Utam for Professional Services Areas. The ADs EDI / Dr Utam may or may not directly offer to mentor applicants, however, they will be able to signpost them to other mentors.

How much can you apply for?

An annual budget of about £15,000.00 will be set aside to fund EDI projects under the Brad-iCOUNT scheme. All applications for funding should be made through the Associate Dean EDI based in each Faculty and the Associate Director of EDI for Professional Services.

Each Successful application will be awarded an amount not exceeding £1,500.00. Any project with a budget over the maximum amount shall either not be considered or must be reviewed downwards except such a project is given discretionary consideration by the Brad-iCOUNT Found Board.

What are the Priority Areas for 2022/23?

The priority areas for the 2022/23 academic session should be projects that support our current efforts to:

  • Decolonising the university – covering all strands of work; leadership and culture change, curriculum, staff experience, student experience, research, library, community and culture, and other aspects of inclusivity in education.
  • Creating inclusive spaces (could be physical or virtual, temporary or permanent).
  • Projects aimed at community engagement which supports participation in or respond to local initiatives or concerns, such as contributing to the Bradford 2025 city of culture celebrations, or the cost of living crisis.

As part of the funding agreement, all projects will need to complete a project evaluation.

Projects will be reviewed by the Brad-iCOUNT Programme Board which will produce a ranked list of fundable projects. The ranked lists will be submitted to the PVC EDI for final approval. 

What are the Selection Criteria?

Proposals will be scored according to the following criteria:

  • Overall project innovation and case for support
  • Match with EDI Priorities (see above)
  • Impact measurement
  • Value for money
  • Sustainability
  • Suitable for funding under scheme/not suitable for funding

Who will assess the applications?

All applications will be assessed by the Brad-iCOUNT Programme Board. The Board is an independent panel responsible for the management of the fund and coordination of projects to ensure they align to the wider strategy. It will also champion activities funded through external EDI schemes, such as those offered by Office for Students (OfS), etc.

The Panel will also evaluate Brad-iCOUNT funding applications and award funding to those local pilot projects that focus on priority areas and align with the EDI strategic delivery plan, as well as consider projects for discretionary approvals (where necessary).

What are the timelines for 2022/23?

Application opens on Tuesday 1 November 2022 and closes by midnight on Friday 13 January 2023, with decisions to be communicated to successful applicants by Friday 27 January 2023. All successful applications must access funds by or before the end of June 2023 and projects must be delivered by the end of August 2023.

Ineligible costs

The fund should be used for developing new ideas and initiatives and should not be used to fund anything which could be considered ‘business as usual’ or something which is required in order for us to fulfil our legal or regulatory obligations. Funding cannot be used for academic staff time buyout but may be used for supporting project activities, if the value of the award does not exceed £1,500.00 but matched funding may be considered if included as part of the application.

How will impact and success be measured?

It is important that we understand what difference your project has made and whether its aims and objectives have been met.  All successful applicants will therefore be required to monitor and evaluate the activities they deliver.  This includes collecting relevant qualitative and quantitative information about your project, for example:

  • Participation rates, students, and staff where applicable.
  • If the funding is for a series of events, such as student societies, whether participation rates have been consistent or increasing
  • Demand for or interest in further similar events.
  • Feedback from participants, the learning or change in their experience.

All applicants will be required to complete an impact evaluation form at the conclusion of the projects and may be asked to participate in further communications activities to ensure that best practice is widely communicated.

Projects will be required to respond to the following evaluation questions:

  • What were the aims and intended outputs of your initiative? 
  • How were the aims delivered? 
  • What change or impact has resulted for students, staff, or other stakeholders? 
  • How have these changes benefited students and/or staff and enhanced their university experience? 
  • What evidence have you collected to demonstrate these impacts and changes? 
  • How has your initiative contributed to the overall aims of the Brad-iCOUNT programme and supported the achievement of the University’s EDI strategic objectives? 
  • How will you use the learning from your initiative in future work? 

Popular and successful activities may be recommended for expansion under the provision for discretionary approval by the Board.

Project Report

All successful applicants will submit a report at the end of their project. All reports should respond to the evaluation questions as appropriate and must not be more than eight (8) pages in length.


For queries relating to funding under this scheme, please contact the Chair of the Brad-iCOUNT Programme Board, Professor Udy Archibong, Pro Vice Chancellor [EDI]

For more specific enquiries about your project or advice on submitting, please contact your Associate Deans EDI for Academic Areas and Dr Kingsley Utam, for Professional Services Areas:

Apply for Brad-iCOUNT Fund