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Dr Raj Patel

Dr Raj Patel


Dr Raj Patel is the Head of Chemical Engineering in the School of Engineering at the University of Bradford. He graduated from the University of Bradford in Chemical Engineering and obtained a PhD on "The Fluid Mechanics of Gravure Roll Coating". After completing his PhD, Dr Patel worked on seven major EPSRC sponsored research projects mainly on coating flows and processing of polymers. He was instrumental in the design and re-launch of the Chemical Engineering Programmes in September 2010. The programmes have been very successful with high levels of student satisfaction and increasing student numbers.

His current areas of research are in water (desalination using reverse osmosis), biodiesel production and metals production. More recently he has developed a novel technology for the production of Titanium metal. This new process is far less energy intensive and much greener than the current complicated Kroll Process. Scale-up trials are ongoing. Initial trials have also shown that this new technology is also able to produce other transition metals such as tantalum, niobium, hafnium etc.


Member of the East Pennine IChemE Committee


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