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Dr Patrick Allen

Dr Patrick Allen


1994-1998, University of Stirling, Educational Technologist
1998-2000, University of East London, Lecturer in Media Technology
2000-present, University of Bradford, Senior Lecturer in New Media Design

Patrick has published research on augmented space and augmented reality (AR/VR). He is innately multidisciplinary in his approach to research and uses a variety of methods and tools - from multimodal theory and phenomenology to urban design and mobile technologies - to make sense of how to design, create and use new media in public space.

Scholarship and Teaching
As Senior Fellow of the HEA, Patrick is committed to delivering excellence and the highest possible quality teaching. A key part of this commitment is achieved through the integration of his research with scholarship and teaching. He involves students in targeted research activities and shares many examples of his output in modules. Modules where his teaching is informed by his research are 'Creativity and Imagination', 'Storytelling for Multiple Platforms', 'Engaging the Audience' and 'Imaging and Design'.


Current, and significant recent, funded projects

TQEF Award (2008) 'The Inclusive Campus: a feasibility study'.

TRIP: Transdisciplinary Research in Intelligent Publishing, ESRC funded - complete 2006.

GeM: Genre and Multimodality, ESRC funded - completed in 2003.

GeM(Genre and Multimodality): A computer Model of Genre in Document Layout, ESRC funded - complete 2004.


Membership of Research Council Peer Review College

Reviewer for AHRC "Beyond Texts" Programme


Reviewer: EPSRC Digital Economy Programme.

Professional Development facilitator for BBC Big Screens (Creative Programmers) and Live Sites UK


Osama Awadhullah - online journalism (completed 2008); Mark Goodall - Modo as documentary (completed 2009); Simon Walker - digital cinema/exhibition (completed 2010); Dima Jerf (completed 2013) - child literacy and social media in Jordon; Claire Pickard (second year) Dual Heritage: narrative, identity and social networks.


Allen, P., Fatah gen. Shieck, A and Robison, D. (2017) "Urban Encounters Reloaded: towards a descriptive account of augmented space" in Empowering Human, Place and Business, ed. Jung, T. Springer.

Allen, P. (2012) "Framing the Media Architectural Body". Proceedings of the
ACM, Media Architecture Biennale, Arhus, Denmark 2012.

Allen, P. (2011) "Framing, Locality and Place: some creative uses of augmented public space", Rewire 2011, Fourth International conference on the histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, FACT, Liverpool.

Allen, P. (2009) "Place and Locality in Augmented Public Space": a case study on the site-specific nature of urban screens", Proceedings of the IEEE, Cyberworlds 2009.

Allen, P. (2008): "Framing, Navigation and the Body in Augmented Public Spaces", in Augmented Urban Spaces, Aurigi (ed.), Ashgate Press, London.

Profile last updated on: 31-03-2017