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Dr Mansour Youseffi

Dr Mansour Youseffi

  • Title: Reader (Lecturer) in Biomaterials
  • Email:
  • Extension: 4533
  • Room No. Chesham C2.23
  • Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Newcastle Upon Tyne, MSc UMIST-Manchester, PhD Loughborough University of Technology
  • Additional Role: Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, MIoM
  • Research Groups: Medical Engineering
  • Research Groups: Advanced Materials Engineering


I am a Reader (Lecturer) in Biomaterials within the School of Engineering. I Lecture in the following modules as the module leader: Functional Anatomy and Human Physiological Measurements; Rehabilitation Engineering; Biomaterials with Implant Design and Technology; Design Build and Test.
I have been an active member of the Academic Staff in research and development at the University of Bradford (UOB) since January 1992 in several areas including: Electronics, Mechanical, Physical, Chemical and Corrosion Properties of Engineering Materials/Biomaterials; Biotribology; Cell and Tissue Engineering; Bone and Muscle Disorders as well as Design and Manufacturing of Medical Electronic Devices such as ECG, Pacemaker and Heart Rate Monitors.
These research activities have led to an research income of ~740k, 19 PhD Graduates, publication of 53 Journal Papers, 4 Books (as the main author), 1 Patent, 6 Book Chapters, 11 Keynote Invited Lectures, more than 200 Conference Papers including Posters/Abstracts as well as support and funding by various sources. I currently supervise 3 PhD students and one post-doctoral Research Assistant and expecting two other PhD students.


Future plans

Newton Fund applications to be submitted by April 2019 in collaboration with Universities in Malaysia for Post-Doctoral Research Assistants to cover 12 months of university and living expenses. This would be in the new areas of digital healthcare in cell/genetic engineering.

Current, and significant recent, funded projects

Details of Awarded Research Grants and Industrial Collaborations: (~£740.000 in total)
• Two funded Translate Summer Projects (6K, 01/06/2018).
• £46000.00 (January 2016), Grade 7 Clinical Placement Coordinator for 24 months, 50% FTE, Funded by Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber.

• £6000.00 (March 2015), British Council Grant for Co-operation Development between UK (UOB) and Azerbaijan Higher Education Institutions (Khazar University), M. Youseffi as the Principle Investigator and Co-investigators: Dr SA Khaghani (UOB) and Dr Gunay Akbarova (Khazar University-Azerbaijan). Biomaterials substrate development in contact with various human cells for cytotoxicity studies.

• £5000.00 (January 2015), Workforce, Education and Development Service (WEDS), Innovation House, NHS Wales, Medical electronic devices for the medical and healthcare technology laboratories at UOB.

• £30,000.00 of contract work between UOB and Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics Ltd (15K, 2005-2009) and Biomet UK Healthcare Ltd (15K, 2011-2013) of which 15% has gone to UOB. The contract work involved friction testing of newly designed hip implants (with design input parameters mainly dimensions and clearance from M. Youseffi as the only principle investigator) and their lubrication behaviour using our friction hip simulator in the medical engineering laboratory at UOB.
• £55,000 - Joint EPSRC Doctoral Training Award (DTA) between M. Youseffi (School of engineering) and Dr Morgan Denyer (from the School of Life Sciences), 2007-2010, Cell/Tissue Engineering of Skin.
• £20,000 (four contract work at £5000.00 each) between UOB and Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics Ltd, January 2000-January 2008: Investigated Friction, Lubrication and Wear Behaviour of Large Diameter Metal-on-Metal (Co-Cr-Mo) S&N Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Prostheses using the Friction Hip Simulator in the medical engineering laboratory at UOB and various lubricants with different viscosities including blood, clotted blood and serum-based with carboxy methyl cellulose as gelling agent.

• £144,177 (EPSRC, 2001-2004): ‘Direct routes to the production of metallic components using selective laser sintering’. In collaboration with the School of Mechanical Engineering-University of Leeds and Department of Manufacturing Engineering-University of Liverpool. EPSRC Grant No GR/R32222/01.

• £820.00 (November 2004), School of Engineering -University of Bradford’s Research Fund: ‘Cell Engineering and Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Microscopy’.

• £7000.00 (July 2003), University of Bradford VC’s Research Award: ‘Processing of Advanced Ceramics and Metal/Ceramic Matrix Composites’.

• £15000.00 (1997-2000, in total as travel grants and cost of equipment and materials), Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering: ‘Development of two new binder systems for injection moulding of ceramic and metallic powders’.

• £35000.00 (1993-96), CE-PECO Programme : ‘PVD and CVD Coated PM Cutting Tool Materials’
Partners: University of Bradford [project coordinator], Loughborough University of Technology [UK], WTCM, Diepenbeek [Belgium], Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow [Poland], Institute of Metal Cutting, Cracow [Poland], Research Institute for Powder Metallurgy, Sumperk [Czech Republic].
• £158000.00 (1994-97), BRITE-EURAM Type 2 project: ‘Optimisation of sintered high speed steel type composite materials for tribological applications’
Partners: Ecole des Mines de Paris [France], Ecole Centrale de Lyon [France], National Technical University of Athens [Greece].
• £194000.00 (1992-94), BRITE/EURAM Type 2 project: ‘Design of New High Speed Steels with Improved Sinterability and Mechanical Properties’
Partners: University of Bradford [project coordinator], Ecole des Mines de Paris [France], Laboratorio Nacional de Engenharia & Technologia Industria [Portugal], Institute National Polytechnique de Grenoble [France].

Education awards: £45,000.00 per year of tuition fees to UOB for 5 U/G Clinical Engineering Students via NHS Wales.

Applications submitted and under consideration

Grow Medical Technology (10k) and two Translate student summer projects (6k).


1. Safyzan Salim, Nur Adilah Abd Rahman, Muhammad Mahadi Abdul Jamil, Mansour Youseffi and Morgan Denyer, (2015), Investigation of Electroporation Technique on Cell Properties Cultured On Self-assembled Monolayer, Best Technical Paper Award in: International Conference on Engineering Technology & Entrepreneurship (ICETE) 2015, Conference Proceedings: 16-18 November 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2. Q. Tammer1, M. Youseffi1 and A. Rashid2, 2013,
DOES TREATMENT FOR OSTEOPOROSIS REALLY WORK? A Statistical analysis of bone mineral density for lumbar spine and femur after medication
7th UK and RI Postgraduate Conference in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics;
Guildford, Surrey, UK, 9th-11th July 2013.
1 Engineering Design and Technology, Medical Engineering, University of Bradford, Bradford, UK
2 Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
The best medical engineering poster prize by IPEM (The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine), IPEM Medical Engineering poster prize.


1. Registered Practitioner and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy with Recognition Reference: 27392 since December 2003 (formerly ILTHE - Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education).
2. Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (MIoM) with Membership Number: 232190.
3. Member of the Posture and Mobility Group at
4. Reviewer for the Materials and Design Journal " Elsevier.
5. Reviewer for the Corrosion Science Journal - Elsevier.
6. Reviewer for the IoM Journals of Powder Metallurgy and Plastics, Rubber and Composites.
7. Reviewer and Member for the International Journal of Health, Wellness and Society; Associate Editor in The International Journal of Health, Wellness, and Society, Volume 4, Issue 2,
8. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the International Journal of Integrated Engineering, University of Tun Hussain Onn Malaysia (UTHM).


One Post-Doctoral overseas Research Assistant in cell/tissue engineering.


Since July 1995, I have successfully supervised 19 P/G PhD students as the main supervisor, one Research Assistant and currently have three PhD students (two home and one overseas) and one post-doctoral research assistant (overseas). I am also expecting two other overseas PhD students.


Four books
" 1st Published Book: M. Youseffi (main author) and Q. Tammer, 2015, Osteoporosis: Medication and ethnic fragility of bone, ISBN: 978-3-659-77672-4
" 2nd Published Book: M. Youseffi (main author) and A. Achilleos, 2015, Design and manufacturing of a single channel medical ECG device, ISBN: 978-3-659-78086-8
" 3rd Published Book: M. Youseffi (main author) and P. Black, 2016, Heat treatment, mechanical and FEA predictions for Ti-6Al-4V alloy, ISBN: 978-3-330-02069-6
" 4th Published Book, M. Youseffi (main author) and Saeed Afshinjavid, 2016, Effect of clearance on friction and lubrication of hip implants, ISBN: 978-3-330-02258-4

One Patent
Rabeya Khanom (UOB), Christopher John Woosnam (Smiths Medical) and Mansour Youseffi, 2017, Valves and tubes including valves, International Publication Number: WO 2017/032963 A1, International publication date: 2 March 2017.

53 JOURNAL PAPERS (Recent publications given below):
[1] Muhammad Mahadi Abdul Jamil, Mohamed Ahmed Milad Zaltum, Nur Adilah Abd Rahman, Radzi Ambar, Morgan C T Denyer, F Javed, Farshid Sefat, Masoud Mozafari, Mansour Youseffi, 2018, Investigation of Pulse electric field effect on HeLa cells alignment properties on extracellular matrix protein patterned surface, Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1019 (2018) 012018, doi :10.1088/1742-6596/1019/1/012018
[2] Chin Fhong Soon . Kian Sek Tee . Soon Chuan Wong . Nafarizal Nayan . Sargunan Sundra . Mohd Khairul Ahmad . Farshid Sefat . Naznin Sultana . Mansour Youseffi, 2018, Comparison of biophysical properties characterized for microtissues cultured using microencapsulation and liquid crystal based 3D cell culture techniques, Springer, Cytotechnology (2018) 70:13"29.
[3] A. Abdeldayem, M. Youseffi, F. Sefat, M. Genedy, M.M. Abdul Jamil and F. Javid, 2017, THE EFFECT OF WIN55, 212-2 ON PROTEIN, MATRIX METALLOPROTEINASE-2 AND NITRIC OXIDE EXPRESSION OF CHONDROCYTE MONOLAYERS, SM J Biomed Eng. 2017; 3(1): 1011, pp 1-7.
[4] LEONG, WAI YEAN; WONG, SOON CHUAN; TEE, KIAN SEK; CHEONG, SOK CHING; GAN, SIEW HUA; YOUSEFFI, MANSOUR; SOON, CHIN FHONG; 2017, In vitro growth of human keratinocytes and oral cancer cells into microtissues: an aerosol-based microencapsulation technique, Bioengineering 2017, 4, 43, pp 1-14; doi:10.3390/bioengineering4020043;
[5] Nurul Hamizah Md Sai'aan, Chin Fhong Soon, Kian Sek Tee, Mohd Khairul Ahmad, Mansour Youseffi and Sayed Ali Khagani, 2016, Characterisation of encapsulated cells in calcium alginate microcapsules, IEEE EMBS Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (IECBES), DOI: 10.1109/IECBES.2016.7843522.
[6] Safyzan Salim, Nur Adilah Abd Rahman, Muhammad Mahadi Abdul Jamil, Mansour Youseffi and Morgan C.T. Denyer, 2016, Investigation of Electroporation Technique on Cell Properties Cultured on Self-assembled Monolayer, Journal of Biological Sciences, Volume 16, Number 7, 278-283.
[7] Farshid Sefat, Mansour Youseffi, Seyed Ali Khaghani, Chin Fhung Soon, Farideh Javid, 2016, Effect of transforming growth factor-β3 on mono and multilayer Chondrocytes, Cytokine 83 (2016) 118"126.
[8] Farshid Sefat, Seyed Ali Khaghani, Touraj Nejatian, Mohammed Genedy,Ali Abdeldayem, Zoha Salehi Moghaddamc, Morgan C.T. Denyer, Mansour Youseffi, 2015, Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) isomers influence cell detachment of MG-63 bone cells, Tissue and Cell 47 (2015) 567"574.
[9] Chin Fhong Soon, Kian Sek Tee, Mansour Youseffi and Morgan Clive Thomas Denyer, 2015, Comparison of two different indentation techniques in studying the in-situ viscoelasticity behavior of liquid crystals, ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, September 2015, Vol. 10 No. 17, pp 7309-7314.
[10] Chin Fhong Soon , Kian Sek Tee, Mansour Youseffi, Morgan C.T. Denyer, 2015, Tracking the Traction force changes of single cells on the liquid crystal surface, Biosensors 03/2015, 5(1):13-24.
[11] Qausain Tammer, Mansour Youseffi, 2014, Can Osteoporosis Be Prevented or Reversed? A Nutritional Protocol for Reversal of Osteoporosis without Medication Side-effects, International Journal Of Advances In Case Reports, 2015;2(18):1200-1204.
[12] Farshid Sefat, Morgan C.T. Denyer and Mansour Youseffi, 2014, Effects of different transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) isomers on wound closure of bone cell monolayers, Cytokine 69 (2014) 75"86. Impact factor 2.87.
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{14] Chin Fhong Soon, Seyed Ali Khagani, Mansour Youseffi, Nafarizal Nayan, Hashim Bin Saim, Stephen Britland, Nick Blagden, Morgan Clive Thomas Denyer, 2013, Interfacial study of cell adhesion to liquid crystals using widefield surface plasmon resonance microscopy, Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces. 2013 Oct 1;110:156-62. Impact Factor 4.29
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