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Professor Felician Campean

Professor Felician Campean

  • Title: Professor of Automotive Reliability Engineering
  • Email:
  • Extension: 4569
  • Room No. Chesham B1.34
  • Qualifications: PhD Brunel Dipl ENG TU Brasov
  • Additional Role: Interim Associate Dean, Research & Knowledge Transfer
  • Additional Role: Director, Automotive Research Centre
  • Additional Role: Co-Director, Advanced Automotive Analytics Institute
  • Research Groups: Automotive Research Centre


Felician is a Professor in Automotive Reliability Engineering and Director of the Automotive Research Centre (since 2012). He holds a PhD in Reliability from Brunel University (1998) and a Mechanical / Manufacturing Engineering Degree from Transilvania University (1990). Worked in the bearings industry before joining Academia as a lecturer in manufacturing automation. Has joined University of Bradford in 1998 as a Research Fellow, and progressed to Senior Research Fellow (2000), Senior Lecturer in Competitive Design (2005), and Professor in 2011.

Felician has led the Bradford Engineering Quality Improvement Centre (BEQIC) since 2000; BEQIC is a major hub for collaborative applied research and knowledge transfer in product development, with a focus on quality and reliability engineering. He has led several major programmes of workplace based research and postgraduate development including the MSC by research / MPhil / PhD in Engineering Quality Improvement (partnership with Ford Motor Company) and the MSc in Engineering and Process Excellence (partnership with Jaguar Land Rover - Technical Accreditation Scheme) - underpinned by a programme of research led short courses.
Since 2012 Felician has been leading the Automotive Research Centre, the University's R&KT Hub for collaboration with the Automotive Industry.

Felician has established an extensive track record research and knowledge transfer collaboration with the global automotive industry, including companies like Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, BAE Systemns, Tata Motors, Honda, Cummins Turbo Technologies, Webasto, and Gates Corporation.

Current research interests revolve around modelling complex systems, including model based methods for systems engineering, reliability, robustness and resilience analysis for multi-disciplinary complex systems, big data analytics methods for systems design and lifecycle management, multi-disciplinary design optimization applied to complex systems, modelling complex manufacturing and product development processes.

Major recent research projects have focused on engine and powertrain multidisciplinary modelling and optimisation, automotive model-based systems engineering design based on Failure Mode Avoidance, the use of big data analytics for intelligent personalised powertrain healthcare, model based testing and verification of CPS.


Current, and significant recent, funded projects

Modelling and Optimisation of Manufacturing Processes of Turbochargers, Innovate UK and Borg Warner, 2018 - 2020 (CI)

Modelling and Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems, hosted by the Research Institute of University of Bucharest, funded by Romanian Ministry of Research & Innovation (PI Prof Florentin Ipate - University of Bucharest)

inPowerCare: Intelligent Personalised Powertrain Health Care, Jaguar Land Rover, £500k, 2016-2020. (PI)

Multi-Physics Engine Simulation Framework (Research into Advanced CAE Capability for Multi-Physics Simulation Framework to Generate High Fidelity Prediction of Engine Out Emissions), Jaguar Land Rover, £95k, 2015-2019 (PI)

Sequential DoE and Multidisciplinary Optimisation Tools for Engine Experiments, Jaguar Land Rover, £19.5k, 2016. (PI)

Systems Engineering Design Excellence through Failure Mode Avoidance, £220k, Jaguar Land Rover, 2014-16. (PI)

Engineering and Process Excellence Programme, £2,500k, 2012-2020. (PI)

Engine Calibration Optimisation Using Multidisciplinary Design optimisation for Low carbon Vehicles, EPSRC CASE Studentship with Jaguar Land Rover, £89k, 2011–16. (PI)

Reliability Improvement of F1 Race Car, Mercedes Benz GP Ltd, £11k, 2013-14. (PI)

CO2 Reduction through Emission Optimisation (CREO,, TSB project with Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, and a consortium of 6 other companies and Universities; £9m (UoB 563k), 2010–13

Right First Time Through Design, Ford Motor Company, £241k, 2011-13 (PI)

Manufacturing Failure Mode Avoidance Strategy - Development & Implementation, KTP with BAE Systems, £118k, 2010–13. (PI)

Advanced Braking System Design for Full Electric Vehicles, KTP with TMETC (Tata Motors European Technical Centre), £120k, 2009-11; (CI)

Application of Advanced Mathematical Techniques to Fuel Economy and Emissions Optimisation, 2007 - 2010, £62.3k, funded by Jaguar Land Rover (PI)

Implementation of a Quality Management System and Lean Operation at a Small Manufacturing Company, KTP with Stylex, 2005 - 2007 - £95k. (PI)

Acceleration Pedal Ergonomic Data Measurement System, 2004 - 2007, £97.7k, funded by Jaguar & LandRover. (PI)

Modelling Customer Satisfaction data with Performance, Economy and Driveability, 2005 - 2006, £23k, funded by Jaguar Cars. (PI)

Reliability and Robustness Improvement of In-tank Fuel Delivery System for N/A and S/C Petrol Engines, 2002 - 2004, £41.7k, funded by Jaguar Cars. (PI)

Fuel Filler Door Functional Degradation Investigation; 2003; US$ 11k funded by Ford Design Institute. (PI)

Customer Correlated Life Prediction Modelling for Improved Design Verification of Automotive Components; EPSRC GR/N06021, £156k, in collaboration with Jaguar Cars, 2000-04. (CI)


Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Achievement 2017 for the Engineering & Process Excellence Programme.

Highly Commended runner-up in the SEMTA Skills Innovation of the Year 2017 Awards - Jaguar Land Rover & University of Bradford

CIRP Design 2013 Best Paper Award - "A Structured Approach for Function Based Decomposition of Complex Multi-Disciplinary Systems".

TES (Through Life Engineering Services) 2012 Best Paper Award - "Systems Engineering Design through Failure Mode Avoidance"

SAE2014 Powertrain Fuel & Lubricants - Excellence in Oral Presentation Award - "Evaluation of Camshaft Control Strategies for a GDI Engine using a Multidisciplinary Optimisation Framework".


Co-Chair Second International Workshop on Engineering Data- & Model-driven Applications EDMA 2018


Dr Guihermina Torrao, Enterprise Fellow (Engineering & Process Excellence)

Dr Amad Uddin, Research Fellow (Automotive Systems Engineering Design Excellence through Failure Mode Avoidance)

Dr Unal Yildirim, Research Fellow, Engineering Design Theory and Methodology

Dr Esmaeil Habib Zadeh, Research Fellow, Advanced Automotive Analytics


Vasos Themi (Multiphysics Engine Simulation - Co-optimisation of Engine Calibration and Exhaust Aftertreatment System - EPSRC CASE)

Aleksandrs Korsunovs (Advanced Multi-Physics Engine Simulation Framework - Application to Diesel and GDI engines - JLR)

Abhishek Mishra (Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation - Optimal Decomposition of Engineering Systems using DSM and XDSM)

Gaurav Pant (Dynamic Modelling of Engine Systems using Lolimots)

Dave Richardson (Customer Focused Advanced Technology Planning - Application to Powertrain Systems - JLR)

Kasim Khan (Design Methodology - Fuzzy Front End)

Aleksandr Doikin (Intelligent Personalised Powertrain HealthCare Framework)

Denis Torgunov (Machine Learning Modelling for Automotive Heathcare)

Natasha Micic (Data Quality Framework for Automotive Analytics)

Morteza Soleimani (Dynamic Reliability Modelling of Complex Automotive Systems)


Yildirim, U, Campean, F, Williams, H, (2017) Function Modelling Using the System State Flow Diagram, Artificial Intelligence in Engineering, Design and Manufacturing, 31(04):413-435, DOI: 10.1017/S0890060417000294 [Open Access]

Lefticaru R, Konur S, Yildirim U, Uddin A, Campean F and Gheorghe M (2017) Towards an Integrated Approach to Verification and Model-Based Testing in System Engineering. In Proc. IEEE International Conference on Cyber, Physical and Social Computing (CPSCom)/ Int Wshop on Engineering Data- & Model-driven Applications (EDMA-2017), June 21-23, 2017, Exeter UK, 131-138, DOI 10.1109/iThings-GreenCom-CPSCom-SmartData.2017.25.

Micic N, Neagu D, Campean F and Habib Zadeh E (2017) Towards a Data Quality Framework for Heterogeneous Data. In Proc. IEEE International Conference on Cyber, Physical and Social Computing (CPSCom)/ Int Wshop on Engineering Data- & Model-driven Applications (EDMA-2017), June 21-23, 2017, Exeter UK, 155-162, DOI 10.1109/iThings-GreenCom-CPSCom-SmartData.2017.25.

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