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Mechanical and Process Engineering Research Group

The Mechanical and Process Engineering (MPE) Research Group focuses on fundamental and applied research.  Academic staff work across six main research sub-groups which are designed to reflect the team's areas of research interest and activity.

Academic staff also work closely with other academic colleagues inside and outside the University and with industrial partners. This plays an important role in developing content for taught programmes where students benefit from a research-led environment.

Example commercial project

Engineers at the University's Automotive Research Centre have been applying their expertise to the technical, environmental and economic challenges faced by major vehicle and brake manufacturers for over 20 years.

Working directly with Bentley, Ford, BMW, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Bosch and Toyota amongst others, Bradford has developed novel techniques and solutions that have led to increased safety, optimised performance, increased customer satisfaction as well as reduced manufacturing costs.

The team’s deep understanding of the underpinning science of dynamics, thermo-mechanics, contact and pressure distributions of components and the behaviour of materials under different forces has led to fundamental changes in the design of braking systems, components and materials used. In addition, the team’s ability to develop new techniques to accurately measure and predict performance at the design stage has been effective in avoiding later operational problems.

Bradford’s expertise has been used to investigate and fix specific problems such as brake judder and squeal noise – finally allowing one new vehicle to be released for production and substantially reducing warranty costs with another manufacturer.

Bradford researchers also share their knowledge with industry, through an annual “Braking of Road Vehicles” short course, attended by hundreds of engineers from all over the world, and regarded internationally as the ‘industry standard’ course in the road vehicle and braking industries. In addition, Bradford’s research is incorporated into Jaguar Land Rover’s in-house Master’s-level professional training programme.

Collaborations and partners

We have a strong record of successful collaborative research with industrial partnerships with major UK and global companies.

Automotive engineering

The Mechanical and Process Engineering research group links with industry on a wide range of research and knowledge transfer projects mainly associated with automotive engineering, systems and manufacturing through the Automotive Research Centre. Partners over the years have included:

  • Ford
  • Cummins Turbo Technologies
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Tata Motors European Technical Centre
  • Honda R&D (Europe)
  • MCB International
  • BP
  • JLR
  • BAE Systems

Work has been presented regularly at SAE Brake Colloquia, SAE Congress, FISITA, EAEC and IMechE and through the 'Braking of Road Vehicles' short course, which has been internationally regarded as the industry standard short course for the road vehicle and braking industries.


Particle science

Our research in particle science around the scale-up of the batch granulation process was supported by:

  • P&G
  • Pfizer
  • Hosokawa Micron (UK and the Netherlands)
  • Borax Europe Ltd
  • GEA Pharma

Green fuel

Our research in green fuel, water desalination and separation processes were carried out through PhD sponsorships with:

  • Libyan Petroleum Institute
  • Royal Golden Jubilee PhD Programme under Thailand Research Fund
  • Ministry of Energy Iraq

Systems engineering

In systems engineering there are ongoing interdisciplinary activities with the Berlin Institute of Technology (Germany) within the framework of a collaborative research centre.


Hybrid & Powertrain Engineering Centre (HyPER-C)

HyPER-C has state-of-the-art experimental and simulation facilities in a laboratory with two computer controlled regenerative dynamometers, one of which is unique in the UK being for large engines of up to 500kW.

Read more about the Hybrid & Powertrain Engineering Centre (HyPER-C)

Braking Research Laboratory

Our Braking Research Laboratory is the hub of a UK-based 'Centre of Excellence' in brakes and braking work.

Read more about the Braking Research Laboratory

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