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Engineering Doctors promoted to Professors

Published: Tue 20 Mar 2018
Engineering Doctors promoted to Professors

The School of Engineering is proud to announce that two lecturers have been promoted to Professors. Ben Whiteside has been promoted to Professor of Precision Polymer Manufacturing, and Adrian Kelly has been promoted to Professor of Process Engineering.

Great personal achievement

Professor Martin Priest, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Informatics said, "This enhances the reputation and achievements of our internationally leading Polymer IRC research team and its constituent RKT Centres. Congratulations to them both on this great personal achievement".

Internationally recognised academic research

As Director, Ben currently leads the University of Bradford’s RKT Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Technology, which provides a key resource for industry working to bring micro and nano scale components to market, alongside internationally recognised pioneering academic research in the field.

His current research areas include moulding of nano-precision optics using a range of technologies, high speed optical and thermal imaging of micromoulding flows and novel sensor development.

Experience and expertise

Adrian is the Manager of Extrusion research activities in the Polymer IRC research group at Bradford, and has experience of processing a wide variety of polymeric materials, including materials formulation research with composites, nanocomposites and additives. In addition to conventional commodity and engineering polymers, he has expertise in recycled polymers, bio-based polymers and biodegradable polymer systems.

Adrian has worked closely with a large number of companies across the polymer, additive, machinery and instrumentation sectors. Working closely with colleagues with Pharmaceutics expertise, he is developing novel polymer-drug formulations, novel processes and novel extruded and moulded product forms.

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