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Recognising student talent

Published: Tues 14 July 2015

Students studying in the School of Media, Design and Technology have been working on a feature film being shot in Bradford.

Alina Marcu, studying BSc (hons) Media Technology and Production, and Maddie Oros and Barry Pierce; both studying BA (hons) Digital Film and Television Production, are working alongside a cast and crew for filming ROA1D.

ROA1D is the working title for a low budget feature film being written and directed by Daniel Sayer. The film is a lyrical and poetic road movie which charts the progress of a hitchhiker on a personal journey of discovery in search of his Dad. Set in the 1980’s, the production team have been shooting in several central locations in Bradford, utilising the City's great selection of period buildings and interiors. The production team invited three Film and Media students from the University of Bradford to join them to assist in the camera and lighting department. 

Maddie Oros, BA (hons) Digital Film and Television Production student said;

“My experience as a runner working with the ROA1D crew was a new and very exciting experience.  The production was run like clockwork; we all had specific tasks and responsibilities to be in control of.  Just finishing my first year at University, working on a professional film set has been a great opportunity for me to learn new things and develop my filmmaking skills.”

Following a ‘call for crew’ from the Bradford City of Film team to lecturer Chris Hazell, the posts were quickly filled. Opportunities like this are brought about through the School’s strong connections with industry and the thriving nature of Bradford, a UNESCO City of Film. Like bees to honey, Bradford is an attractive place for location filming thanks to the UNESCO City of Film title.

David Wilson, Director of Bradford UNESCO City of Film said;

“The film industry has often recognised the talent of students studying at the University of Bradford. Their skills are commended on both film and television productions; regular call ups to work on film projects and opportunities to work on co-productions for the BBC prove this. Thanks to Bradford’s rich film heritage, we are fortunate in having so many productions being created in our City and District, which the University can embrace to be a part of.”

Chris Hazell, Television Production Lecturer at the University of Bradford said;

“Our students have a great reputation for producing high quality work. Many of them are working on productions outside of their course work, giving them valuable industry experience. It's great having such a talented group of students available for all the projects that come my way.”

Jamie Quantrill, Producer and Director of Photography for ROA1D said;

“The students from the University of Bradford have made a huge impression on our cast and crew. Energetic, hardworking and extremely knowledgeable, they have proved themselves to be a key part of the production team!” 

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