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Bradford Animation Festival 2013

Published: Mon 7 Oct 2013
Bradford Animation Festival 2013

Department of Creative Technology anticipate another exciting festival.

The Bradford Animation Festival (BAF) is the UK's longest-running animation festival and takes place every November at the National Media Museum in Bradford. Host to screen talks, workshops and special events by some of the industry's top names the festival is of national importance putting Bradford on the map.

The festival is of significant importance for the Department of Creative Technology at the University, providing a variety of opportunities within walking distance. Networking is on top of the Department’s priority list as it can prove worthwhile as to not what you know but who you know in the industry. Students and staff have walked away with a number of success stories from BAF including placements and future collaborations. Students are encouraged to volunteer as a helper through the National Media Museum. This provides a great opportunity as Student Helpers get preferential treatment and access to spea‌kers.

BAF Game, an off shoot of BAF will be partly hosted by the University of Bradford with a number of BAF Game events taking place at the University on 13 November.  A series of inspiring industry talks and workshops is dedicated to exploring the overlaps between the worlds of video games, animation, and film.  This year’s line-up for BAF Game is brimming with industry talent and experts, with Crystal Dynamics’ Brian Horton Senior Art Director on the critically acclaimed Tomb Raider video game and ZeniMax Media's Viktor Antonov, Visual Design Director on the BAFTA Best Game 2013 award-winner Dishonored are headlining the festival alongside legendary icon Warren Spector.

Dr Ian Palmer, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Creative Technology is Co-Programmer for BAF Game, leading up to this year’s festival he said:

Yet again BAF Game has a programme of world-leading speakers from across the industry that will inspire and captivate audiences. The University of Bradford is delighted to be a development partner and to co-host the event and looks forward to welcoming speakers and delegates.

Three graduates from the University of Bradford will be returning to the City to hold a motion capture workshop. Having completed their studies at the University they are now currently working in London at the Imaginarium Studios.  The workshop will be held here at the University campus, and using our 16 camera Vicon motion capture system they will be showing how the technology and their skills are used on major productions.

motion capture.gif Lecturer Karl Abson will be delivering an inspirational talk at this year’s festival; the talk will be for anyone wishing to move into VFX, games or animation sectors. Karl will be focusing on his current research on ‘Motion Capture - Capturing Interaction between Human & Animal.’  In many cases it is not possible to simply use a real animal in film production and as such their essence must be captured and re-created digitally. Karl is working alongside leading developer of motion capture Vicon to redesign and develop how animals are animated and visually created in the future. 

This year's Bradford Animation Festival will be running 12 - 16 November, for more details and information about what is taking place, please visit the festival website.

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