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Creative Technology Lecturer interviewed on BBC Breakfast TV

Published: Mon 7 Oct 2013
Creative Technology Lecturer interviewed on BBC Breakfast TV

Lecturer in Computer Games, Kaye Elling talked to BBC Breakfast TV about the stereotyping of gamers and games developers.

The BBC have reported that by the end of 2013 the majority of gamers could be women. As this report came to light it was surprising to hear that there are still very few women involved in actually developing games.

She said: "The computer-gaming stereotype is wrong. These days, the gaming industry is very corporate, especially with the on-going development of games for mobile apps.

I don't believe there is a difference between what computer games men and women play, it's more about how they play them, particularly now that you can play games through social media or on your mobile phone. It's very easy to play games in seven minutes, and that means that women can play 'Call of Duty' or 'Halo' in the same amount of time.

At the University of Bradford I'm a computer games lecturer, my area is graphics, but I also lecture in game design which covers game play decisions.  We also have technical lecturers, who teach programming at the University, and it is important for those people interested in this type of career that you don't have to be a programmer to take-up this career.  Just like an Oscar-winning film, gaming is a team effort and has a lot of different skilled people with in it."

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