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Communication, Culture and Media (CCM) Research Group

A particular strength of the work of the CCM Research group is that it takes place within the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics. The fact that researchers at Bradford in the field of culture, communication and media studies work so closely with colleagues in mobile telecommunications and computing is relatively unusual in UK institutions but is more common at institutions in the US and Europe.

This arrangement enables and encourages innovative research in the field of new, interactive and mobile media, already showcased in research funding awarded by the European Community, UK Research Councils and the Arts Council. We believe that this close relationship between theory and technology is strategically vital to future research in the rapidly changing field of digital media.

The Faculty of Engineering and Informatics has unique facilities to support practice-based research, such as our 14-camera motion capture suite, which is usually used commercially to translate the movements of human actors into the actions of animated characters, but has also proved to be a useful research tool.

Research in the group is also engaged with questions of media, community and cultural identity. Recent research includes work on the contribution of Islam to British life and the role that city-centre big screens can play in supporting community media and local arts.

CCM Research Group Blog

See the group's blog posts here: (external link)

  • Culture and Technology
  • Media, Community and Cultural Identity
  • Screen Realism 
  • Dima Jerf, 'Literacy and Social Networking in Jordon'.
  • Simon Walker, 'Interpretations of Digital Exhibitions'.
  • Marc Stanton, 'Editorial Influence of BBC News Content Overseas'.
  • Nazakat Husain Hamasaeed , 'The impact of international television soap opera on the identity formation of Kurdish women'.
  • Saman Jalal Mawlood, 'Regulation and Kurdish Media'.
  • Hamda Al-Shihi,'A Trandisciplinary Framework for the Evaluation of Virtual Embodiment in Intercultural Learning Contexts'. 

Full details on how to apply is available in the Faculty's Research Students section.


Research Students

  • Mark Stanton
  • Richard Warburton
  • Claire Pickard
  • Nozad Sadeeq Mohammed
  • Ioanna Ferra
  • Alireza Razazifar
  • Carol Mei Barker
  • Franziska Florack
  • Hunar Salih
  • Karwan Ali Syan
  • Anna Draniewicz
  • Judah Owen Smith

Previous Research Students (Graduates)

  • Simon Walker
  • Anna Draniewicz
  • Nazakat Hamasaeed
  • Saman Jalal Mawlud
  • Dima Jurf
  • Hamda Darwish Al-Shihi