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Dr Michael Honnor

  • Title: Lecturer in Engineering Mathematics
  • Email:
  • Extension: 4072
  • Room No. Chesham C1.11
  • Qualifications: B.Sc. First class Honours (Polytechnic of Central London), M.Sc. Finite element analysis (University College Swansea), Ph.D. Nonlinear finite element analysis (University College Swansea), PGCTLHE (University of Hertfordshire).


I have been researching computational continuum mechanics and developing finite element analysis techniques for thirty years and have expertise in most areas of application. I have specialist knowledge in finite strain geometric and material nonlinearities, contact and friction, discrete elements, fracture mechanics, error estimation and adaptivity, Implicit and explicit nonlinear transient dynamics, vibration, nonlinear buckling, parallel processing with both distributed and shared memory machines, computational models for large deformation finite strain composite shells and pressure dependant phase change in coupled thermo mechanical analysis.


Articles in journals

1. D.Peric, D.R.J.Owen and M.E.Honnor,
A model for finite strain elasto-plasticity based on logarithmic strains: computational issues,
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol 94, 1, pp. 35-61, 1992.

2. M.E.Honnor and A.J.Davies,
Nonlinear transient field problems with phase change using the boundary element method,
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, Vol 28, 6, pp. 561-570, 2004.

3. C.H.Lai, A.K.Parrott, S.Rout and M.E.Honnor,
A distributed algorithm for European options with nonlinear volatility,
Computers and Mathematics with Applications, Vol 49, pp. 885-894, 2005.

4. M.E. Honnor, J. Trevelyan, P. Bettess, M. El-hachemi, O. Hassan, K. Morgan and J.J. Shirron,
An integration scheme for electromagnetic scattering using plane wave edge elements,
Advances in Engineering Software, Vol 40, 1, pp. 58-65, 2009.

5. J. Trevelyan and M.E. Honnor,
A numerical coordinate transformation for efficient evaluation of oscillatory integrals over wave boundary elements,
Journal of Integral Equations and Applications, Vol 21, 3, pp. 447-468, 2009.

6. M.E. Honnor, J. Trevelyan and D. Huybrechs,
Numerical evaluation of two-dimensional partition of unity boundary integrals for Helmholtz problems,
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Vol 234, 6, pp. 1656-1662, 2010.

Conference contributions

1. M.E.Honnor and R.D.Wood,
A finite element analysis of deep drawing, the boundary condition problem,
International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes, Swansea, July 1982,
Institute for Numerical Methods in Engineering Report C/R/418/82.

2. M.E.Honnor and R.D.Wood,
Finite element analysis of axisymmetric deep drawing using a simple two-noded Mindlin shell element,
2nd International Conference on Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Problems, Barcelona, pp. 440-449, April 1984.

3. R.D.Wood, K.Mattiasson, M.E.Honnor and O.C.Zienkiewicz,
Viscous flow and solid mechanics approaches to the analysis of thin sheet forming,
Computer Modelling of the Sheet Metal Forming Process: Theory, Verification and Applications, Ed. N-M. Wang and S.C. Tang, Metallurgical Society of A.I.M.E., pp. 121-142, 1986.

4. G.A.Duffett, J.S.R.Alves Filho, M.E.Honnor and D.R.J.Owen,
Transient shell analysis using transputer based parallel processing techniques,
Symposium on Finite Element Methods in South Africa, FEMSA 89, Stellenbosch, February 1989.

5. D.Peric, D.R.J.Owen and M.E.Honnor,
A model for finite strain elasto-plasticity,
2nd International Conference on Computational Plasticity: Models, Software and Applications, Barcelona, pp. 111-126, September 1989.

6. D.Peric, D.R.J.Owen and M.E.Honnor,
On work conjugacy in finite strain elasto-plasticity,
International Conference on Numerical Methods in Engineering: Theory and Applications, NUMETA 90, Swansea, pp. 718-729, January 1990.

7. D.R.J.Owen, M.E.Honnor and G.Q.Liu,
Transputer based parallel processing solution techniques for finite element problems,
International Conference on Supercomputing in Nuclear Applications, SNA 90, Mito City, Japan, March 1990.

8. D.Peric, D.R.J.Owen and M.E.Honnor,
Simulation of thin sheet metal forming processes employing a thin shell element,
International Conference on Finite Element Simulation of 3-D Sheet Metal Forming Processes in Automotive Industry, Zurich, May 1991.

9. D.R.J.Owen, Y.T.Feng, K.W.Mak and M.E.Honnor,
Computational modelling of large scale multiple fracturing solids and particulate systems,
Computational Mechanics " New Frontiers for the New Millennium, First Asian-Pacific Congress On Computational Mechanics, Sydney, pp. 117-126, November 2001.

10. M.E.Honnor and A.J.Davies,
The Laplace transform dual reciprocity boundary element method for nonlinear transient field problems,
24th World Conference on Boundary Element Methods, BEM 24, Portugal, pp. 363-372, June 2002.

11. A.J.Davies and M.E.Honnor,
Time-domain Laplace transform boundary element methods for diffusion problems,
7th international Conference on Applications of High Performance Computers in Engineering, HPC 2002, Italy, pp. 65-74, September 2002.

12. M.E.Honnor, A.J.Davies and S.J.Kane,
Nonlinear transient field problems with phase change using the generalized Newmark dual reciprocity boundary element method,
25th World Conference on Boundary Element Methods, BEM 25, Croatia, pp. 309-318, September 2003.

13. A.J.Davies, M.E.Honnor and S.J.Kane,
A boundary element method for phase change problems,
Seventh International Conference on Computational Modelling of Free and Moving Boundaries, New Mexico, pp. 281-289, November 2003.

14. S.J.Kane, A.J.Davies and M.E.Honnor,
A dual reciprocity method for phase change problems,
26th World Conference on Boundary Element Methods, BEM 26, Italy, pp. 173-182, April 2004.

15. A.J.Davies, M.E.Honnor, C.H.Lai, A.KParrott and S.Rout,
A distributed Laplace transform algorithm for European options",
International conference on computational finance and its applications, Italy, pp. 157-166, April 2004.

16. J. Trevelyan, M.E. Honnor and D. Huybrechs,
Numerical steepest descent evaluation of 2D partition of unity boundary integrals for Helmholtz problems,
Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach; Computational electromagnetism and acoustics, Oberwolfach reports, Vol 4, 1, pp. 354-356, European Mathematical Society, 2007.

17. M.E. Honnor and J. Trevelyan,
An integration scheme for the 2D partition of unity boundary element method in wave propagation,
Invited speaker at the Issac Newton Institute Follow-up Satellite Workshop on High Frequency Wave Propagation and Scattering. 8th International Conference on Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Waves, WAVES 07, Reading, pp. 74-76, July 2007.

18. M.E. Honnor and J. Trevelyan,
An integration scheme for the 3D partition of unity boundary element method in wave propagation,
6th UK Conference on Boundary Integral Methods, UKBIM 6, Durham, pp. 13-21, September 2007.

19. M.E. Honnor and J. Trevelyan,
Efficient integration in PU-BEM for high frequency wave scattering,
16th Conference of the Association of Computational Mechanics in Engineering, ACME, Newcastle, pp. 44-47, April 2008.

20. J. Trevelyan and M.E. Honnor,
Integration scheme for wave boundary elements,
8th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM8) and 5th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS 2008), Venice, Italy, June 2008.

21. R.S. Crouch, M.E. Honnor and T. Li,
Parallel Thermo-visco-elastoplastic FE Code with Instability Detection Algorithm,
International Conference on Computational Plasticity, COMPLAS X, Barcelona, September 2009.

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