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Professor Hadj Benkreira

Professor Hadj Benkreira


Hadj has been the principal investigator of over 20 EPSRC research awards since 1980 and has published over 100 papers in learned journals and conferences in the area of coating flows, viscous mixing and polymer processing. He leads with Professor Coates (Pro V.C R & KT) the University of Bradford Advanced Materials Engineering Research & Knowledge transfer Group integrated within the IRC in Polymer Science and Technology. This international research Centre is equipped with some of the most advanced experimental and computer modelling facilities to be found anywhere in the world. Some 50 researchers supported by EPSRC, DTI and 45 collaborating companies are presently involved in research in polymer rheology, process measurements, analysis and control, new process development and computer modelling of polymer processing operations and thin film coating science and technology. Professor Benkreira's research focuses on developing new processes to manufacture materials with advanced properties such as coatings, nanocomposites and other structured materials. Linked to this theme is his fundamental research on applied rheology in polymer processing operations and coating flows where these materials are produced.

Research in Sustainability
Professor Benkreira's interest in Sustainability stems from his collaborative research with Professor Horoshenkov to develop new acoustic and thermal insulation products using polymeric wastes residues that are normally dumped in landfills as the starting material. He currently collaborates with European scientists in the HOSANNA EU project (see intended to result in a toolbox for the reduction of road and rail traffic noise in the outdoor environment, which is cost effective and shows positive effects on the environment as a whole. The project focuses on noise abatements during the propagation path, dealing with greening of buildings and use of vegetation on other urban and rural surfaces, innovative barriers including recycled materials, and treatments of the ground and the road. Full scale work is to be realised following this research to apply the technology to facades, roads and pedestrian areas in various locations throughout Europe.

Senior Research Associates
Professor Ian Ward (FRS): Polymer Foams
Professor Phil Coates: Polymer Nanocomposites
Professor Martin Gale: Visiting Professor in Extrusion science & Technology
Professor Kirill Horoshenkov: Acoustic Materials

Current Postdoctoral Research Associates
Dr Raj Patel: Research Fellow-EPSRC Grant: Polymer Nanocomposites
Dr Amir Khan: Acoustic & Thermal Materials from Waste Elastomer: HOSANNA EU FP7
Dr Bruce Ikin: Visiting Researcher in Coating Science & Technology

Current Doctoral Research Associates
Mr Yusuke Shibata: High Speed Reverse Roll Coating: Toyobo, Japan
Mr Sreedhara Sarma: High Speed Deformable Roll Coating: Fluid Mechanics: Corus Ltd
Mr Joel Rousseau: High Speed Multilayer Coating: Fluid Mechanics: Corus Ltd
Miss Sararat Mahasaranon: Foaming of Polymer Composites: Thai Government
Mr Atif Khan: Polymer Nanocomposite Mixing: EPSRC Studentship: EPSRC Studentship
Mr Abdelrahim Elgadafi: Wax Deposition in Pipeline Flow of Waxy Crude Oils: Libya National Oil Corporation
Miss Mohamed Fathia: Inhibitor of Waxy Crude Oils: Rheology: Libya Petroleum Institute
Mr Abukader Fakroun: Wax Deposition in Pipeline Flow of Waxy Crude Oils: Libya National Oil Corporation


Current, and significant recent, funded projects

Mixing of low viscosity fluids/viscous materials in CTM,1994/97, SERC/Rapra - £116,503
Air Entrainment in Coating Flows, 1996/98, EU-Marie Curie Award- £91,224
Dynamic Wetting Coating Operations, 1998-2001, EPSRC - £196,391
Novel Extrusion Dies with Rotatating Rollers, 2000-2003, EPSRC/Rapra - £298,723
Enhancement of Polymer Processing 2000-2003, EPSRC - £740,122
A Novel Laboratory Distributive & Dispersive Mixer, 2003-2006, EPSRC - £273,578
Yorkshire Forward CIC in Polymer Engineering, 2004 - £660,000
Sustainable Acoustic Materials from wastes, DTI, 2007 - £250,000
Nanocomposites Mixing with a Novel Minimixer, 2007, EPSRC - £550,000
EPSRC Virtual Institute for Polymer Processing, 2008 - £250,000
EPSRC Science Bridges: Bradford-China, January 2009-31 December 2011 - £1,266,655
FP7 Holistic Noise and Vibration Abatement (HOSANNA), EU FP7, 2009 - e 3,980,246


Member of EPSRC Peer Review College of Structural Materials, (1997-)
Chair of EPSRC Prioritisation Panel (2006)

Current Vice President of the International Society of Coating Science and Technology, ISCST

Founder member of the European Coating Group, ECS, (1995- )

Key Note Speaker at international research conferences

Guest editor, Polymer Processing Society Journal

External Examiner of MSc Courses in Polymer Engineering, Queens University Belfast, (2007-) and Integrated Design of Chemical Plant, University of Leeds, (2000-05)

Hosted at Bradford and edited proceedings of the 2005 European Coating Symposium, ECS
Member of the Scientific Cttee of the ECS series: Leeds University (1995), University of Strasbourg (1997), University of Erlangen-Nurnberg (1999), Von-Karman Institute Bruxelles (2001), University of Fribourg (2003), University of Bradford (2005) and University of Paris-Diderot (2007), Universitat Karlsruhe (2009), University of Turku (2011)

Member of the Scientific Cttee of ISCST Symposia series: Scottsdale (2000), Minnesota (2002), Rochester (2004), Denver (2006) and Los Angeles (2008).Session Organiser in the Prestigious Polymer Processing Society (2011)


Recent Journal Publications
Zhan, Y.H.,Patel, R., Lavorgna, M., Piscitelli, F., Khan, A., Xia, H.S., Coates, P.D. and Benkreira, H. (2010). Processing of Polyurethane/carbon nanotubes composites using novel mimixer, Plastics, Rubber and Composites, 39(9), 400-410.

Benkreira, H., & Ikin, J. B. (2010). Dissolution and growth of entrained bubbles when dip coating in a gas under reduced pressure. Chemical Engineering Science,

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Benkreira, H., & Ikin, J. B. (2010). Dynamic wetting and gas viscosity effects. Chemical Engineering Science, 65(5), 1790-1796.

Benkreira, H., Butterfield, R., Gale, M., & Patel, R. (2008). Replication of mixing achieved in large corotating screw extruders using novel laboratory 10-100 g minimixer. Plastics, Rubber and Composites, 37(2-4), 74-79.

Benkreira, H., & Khan, M. I. (2008). Air entrainment in dip coating under reduced air pressures. Chemical Engineering Science, 63(2), 448-459.

Horoshenkov, K.V., Khan, A., Benkreira, H. and Pipsola, G. (2008). "Acoustical and micro-structural properties of recycled grains and fibres". J. Acoustical Soc. of America, 123(5), 30-34

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