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Dr David Bryant

Dr David Bryant


Graduated from the University of Leeds with MEng (Hons) in Automotive Engineering (2005). PhD at the University of Huddersfield (2009) in the field of vehicle brake judder supported by Bentley Motors and an EPSRC CASE Award.

Became a Lecturer in Automotive Engineering at the University of Huddersfield (2010), promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2012. A refocus towards research followed in 2012 becoming a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Brakes Engineering at the University of Bradford. Became a Lecturer in Automotive Engineering in 2014 at the University of Bradford.

Research interests centre on vehicle brakes and braking systems with a specific focus on noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and braking instabilities. Drawing on regular funding from automotive OEMs, the work has gained international recognition with the publication of several conference papers and journal articles. Projects have directly impacted on vehicle design and production and have embedded an understanding of complex problems. Knowledge Transfer interests focus on the running of the renowned Braking of Road Vehicles short course for industry and the associated course on the Jaguar Land Rover Technical Accreditation Scheme.

Vice Chairman, IMechE Automobile Division Yorkshire Centre, 2016

Dr Bryant is a member of the Automotive Research Centre and directs the Braking Research Centre sub-group.


Current, and significant recent, funded projects

Understanding NVH Palliatives: 2015-16, £98k, funded By Jaguar Land Rover

Brake CAE: 2015, funded By Bentley Motors

Brake Judder: 2014, funded By Bentley motors

Quiet Brake 2 project: Bradford lead in collaboration with the Universities of Cranfield and Liverpool, £317k, 2011-2014, funded by Jaguar Land Rover

Investigation of the mechanism leading to low frequency brake squeal, £150k, 2012-2014, funded by Mando, S.Korea,

Experimental Investigation of Brake Judder, £25k, 2013, funded by Bentley Motors Limited


Tang, J., Hot Spotting of Automotive Braking systems (PhD) [with Dr. H.S. Qi]

Bemrose, J., Source and Response Modelling of Brake Squeal Using Multi Body Dynamics (MPhil)

Alasadi, A., Modelling Brake Noise Using Multi Body Dynamics (PhD) [with Prof. A.J. Day]

Ashraf, N., 2013, "An Investigation of the Influence of the Friction Pair, Contact Pressure Distribution on Disc Brake Squeal", 2013, PhD. University of Huddersfield


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