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Dr Ben Whiteside

Dr Ben Whiteside


Ben currently leads the RKT Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Technology based at the University of Bradford which provides a key resource for industry working to bring micro and nano scale components to market, alongside internationally recognised pioneering academic research in the field.

Key areas of research interest:

  • Surface structuring of polymeric devices using feature replication

  • Material-specific behaviour

  • Crystallisation properties and post processes including plasma treatment or embossing

  • Product property control using advanced process control and novel materials and material combinations to tailor internal morphology

  • Optical characterisation methods for polymer processes including high speed optical and thermal imaging systems

Current research areas include:

  1. Moulding of nano-precision optics using a range of technologies

  2. Characterisation of polymers and nano-composites/suspensions in high strain rate environments

  3. High speed process measurement using internet enabled technologies

  4. Novel sensor development. Utilising a range of emerging technologies including piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors, IR sensors etc.

  5. Software development to enable high speed data acquisition/archiving and process characterisation.

  6. Studies of the effect of processing parameters on the geometric, morphological and mechanical properties of micromoulded products. Measurement techniques include AFM, nano indenting optical profilometry and nano-DMA.

  7. High speed optical and thermal imaging of micromoulding flows

  8. Investigations of nano-composite properties and nano-particulate dispersion in polymers

  9. Development of novel machine vision techniques for 100% product inspection in micromoulding processes. Techniques include Extended Depth of Field and white light interferometry


Future plans

EPSRC Microneedles Bid with Cardiff University

Current, and significant recent, funded projects


H2020 Marie Curie ITN for ESRs MICROMAN £200k
EPSRC MeDe Centre for Innovative Manufacturing - The manufacture of medical device surfaces that are resistant to microbial colonisation £37.5k
EPSRC EP/L020572/1 Smart Manufacturing of Medical Devices for soft tissue fixation £825k
Sofmat Ltd £180k
Sabic £250k

Recently completed grants:

Dyson Ltd £118k
FP7 COTECH £394k
EPSRC EP/I014551/1 Thermal contact resistance modelling for polymer processing £536k
KTP Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd £118k
YIF DB Orthodontics £31k
YIF PP&E £31k
YIF Aedstem £31k


Cristina Tuinea-Bobe
Georgios Sofos
Karthik Nair


Maksims Babenko
Umar Raza
Sudhir Pagire
Jonathan Barclay


Journal Publications +

  • Sorgato M, Babenko M, Lucchetta G and Whiteside B (2016): "Investigation of the influence of vacuum venting on mould surface temperature in micro injection moulding" International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Springer, London.
    For more information see:
  • Nair K., Whiteside B.R., Grant C., Patel R. and Tuinea-Bobe C. (2015): "Investigation of Plasma Treatment on Micro-Injection Moulded Microneedle for Drug Delivery" Pharmaceutics, MDPI, Basel, 7 471-485.
    For more information see:
  • Gao Y., Dong X., Wang L., Whiteside B. and Coates P.D. (2015): "Flow-induced crystallization of long chain aliphatic polyamides under a complex flow field: Inverted anisotropic structure and formation mechanism" Polymer, 73 91-101.
    For more information see:
  • Griffiths C.A., Tosello G, Dimov S.S., Scholtz S and Whiteside S (2015): "Characterisation of demoulding parameters in micro-injection moulding" Microsystem Technologies , 21 (8): 1677-1690.
    For more information see:
  • Vella P.C., Dimov S.S., Brousseau E and Whiteside B.R. (2014): "A new process chain for producing bulk metallic glass replication masters with micro- and nano-scale features" The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology .
    For more information see:
  • Deng P, Whiteside BR, Wang F, Norris K and Zhang J (2014): "Epitaxial growth and morphological characteristics of isotactic polypropylene/polyethylene blends: Scale effect and mold temperature" Polymer Testing, 34 192-201.
  • Fei G, Tuinea-Bobe C, Whiteside B.R., Coates P.D. and Xia H (2013): "Electro-activated surface micropattern tuning for microinjection molded electrically conductive shape memory polyurethane composites " RSC Advances, 3 24132-24139.
  • Jiang Z, Wang Y, Whiteside B.R., Coates P.D. and Men Y (2013): "Tensile Deformation of Oriented Poly(ε-caprolactone) and Its Miscible Blends with Poly(vinyl methyl ether)" Macromolecules, 46 (17): 6981-6990.
  • Pagire S, Korde S, Whiteside B.R., Kendrick J and Paradkar A (2013): "Spherical Crystallization of Carbamazepine/Saccharin Co-Crystals: Selective Agglomeration and Purification through Surface Interactions" Cryst. Growth Des, 13 (10): 4162-4167.
  • Gonzalez-Castro G, Spares R, Ugail H, Whiteside B.R. and Sweeney J (2012): "Towards the analytic characterization of micro and nano surface features using the Biharmonic equation" Applied Mathematical Modelling, 36 (3): 1161-1172.
  • González Castro G, Spares R, Ugail H, Whiteside B.R. and Sweeney B.R. (2010): "Surface profiling of micro-scale structures using partial differential equations" International Journal of Material Forming, Springer-Verlag, 3 (1): 415-418.
  • Kelly A.L, Gough T.G., Whiteside B.R. and Coates P.D. (2009): "High shear strain rate rheometry of polymer melts" Applied polymer Science, 114 (2): 864-873.
  • Whiteside BR, Spares R, Brown EC, Norris K and Coates P (2008): "Optical imaging metrology for micromoulding cavity flows and products" Plastics, Rubber and Composites, 37 (2-4): 57-66.
    For more information see:
  • Ono Y, Whiteside B.R., Brown E, Coates P.D. and Jen P.D. (2007): "Real-time process monitoring of micromolding using integrated ultrasonic sensors. " Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control , SAGE Publications, 29 (5): 383-401.
  • Cheng C.C., Ono Y, Whiteside B.R., Brown E and Coates P.D. (2007): "Real-time diagnosis of micro powder injection molding using integrated ultrasonic sensors" International Polymer Processing, Hanser, 22 (2): 140-145.
  • Price C.D., Hine P.J., Whiteside B., Cunha A.M. and Ward A.M. (2006): "Modelling the elastic and thermoelastic properties of short fibre composites with anisotropic phases" Composites Science and Technology, Elsevier, 66 69-79.

Chapters in Books +

  • Whiteside BR, Martyn M and Coates PD (2006): "Introduction to Micromoulding", Precision Injection Moulding, Greener, J., Wimberger-Friedl, R (ed.) ISBN: ISBN3-446-21670-7, pp. 250-300.
Profile last updated on: 11-11-2015