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Dr Adrian Kelly

Dr Adrian Kelly


Adrian Kelly BEng (Hons) PhD CEng MIMechE PgCHEP FHEA

Dr Kelly graduated in Mechanical Engineering and was awarded a PhD in 1997 for industrially sponsored research into process rheometry of extrusion compounding. He then took up a post doctoral post in the IRC Polymer Engineering research group at the University of Bradford working on a range of polymer processing based research projects. In 2003 Dr Kelly managed a WRAP funded project to investigate recycling of PVC-rich waste and in 2005 he was awarded funding from the DTI for a research project aimed at encouraging the UK polymer industry to adopt process metrology.

Dr Kelly became a Research Investment Lecturer in 2005 and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in Polymer Engineering in 2011. He teaches in materials, thermodynamics, polymer engineering and computer monitoring and instrumentation at undergraduate and MSc level. He is the Placements Tutor for the School of Engineering. His current research interests include process monitoring, thermal optimisation, pharmaceutical polymer engineering, nanocomposites, biopolymers, recyclates and fuel cells. In 2010 he co-founded the Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science with colleagues in Engineering and Life Sciences; he is also active in the Centre of Advanced Materials Engineering and the the Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Technology.


Current, and significant recent, funded projects

Innovate UK (KTP with AstraZeneca) Hot Melt Extrusion (£90k) 2015-2017
EPSRC Graphene-Polypropylene Composite Nets for Filtration (£100k) 2016-2017
UKIERI (British Council) Structuring of polymeric matrices for controlled drug release (£27.5k) 2014-2015
Innovate UK (KTP with Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd) Corrosion Resistant Fluoropolymers (£125k) 2013-2015
EPSRC Novel Continuous Method for Co-crystal Formation (£550k) 2011-2014
EPSRC Thermal Management of Polymer Processing (£225k) 2010-2013
TSB High Volume Production of Membrane Electrode Assembly Fuel Cells (£235k) 2009-2012
EU FP7 PolySense Ultrasonic Monitoring of Polymer Processing (£220k) 2011-2012


Dr Eleni Moschopoulou - Graphene based nanocomposites for filtration media


Completed PhD Students
Gulstan Ezat - Dispersion and orientation of carbon nanotubes in polypropylene (May 2012)
Chaitrali Kulkarni - Melt extruded formulations of Artermisinin (Feb 2014)
Prafulla Apshingekar - Ultrasonic characterisation of pharmaceutical polymer formulations (Nov 2014)
Rohan Ambardekar - Solid phase orientation of pharmaceutical polymer systems (May 2015)
Javier Vera Sorroche - Thermal optimisation of single screw extrusion (May 2015)
Sachin Korde - Pharmaceutical solid dispersions (July 2015)
Shivprasad Deshmukh - Injection moulding of pharmaceuticals (Aug 2015)
Basak Tuna - Reactive extrusion of polyamide nanocomposite (Oct 2016)
Clive Wood - Continuous cocrystallisation (Dec 2016)

Current Research Students
Abdolati Alwati - Ultrasonic cocrystallisation
Cayetano Martinez Alcaraz - Ultrasonic characterisation of filled polymers
Aniket Sabnis - Hot melt extrusion of pharmaceuticals
Banah Shriky - Hydrogels for drug delivery applications
Millan-John Gilson - Injection moulding of long fibre composites
Nikolaos Kassos - Development of biobased polymers
Vasiliki Papadopolou - Polymer gel electrolytes for lithium ion batteries
Azad Mohammed - Pharmaceutical granulation
Asim Sajid - Pharmaceutical crystal engineering
Mohammad Salhab - Drug delivery systems to target postoperative pain in orthopaedic surgery


Journal Publications +

Profile last updated on: 04-07-2017