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Sustainable House Design Project at British Science Festival

Published: Thu 13 Mar 2014
Sustainable House Design Project at British Science Festival

Engineering Outreach team travel to Newcastle to run project for schools

The Engineering Outreach team once again took part in the British Science Festival offering a series of workshops around sustainable house design.

The projects were part of the British Science Festival's Schools' Programme held at various venues around Newcastle University.

"Students were asked to think about orientation when building their houses for maximum solar gain..."

Said Jack Bradley, Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Lecturer in the School of Engineering at Bradford.

"We had a short time-scale with each group, but all the students managed to build a house complete with trees for shade in the summer months..."

Claire Robson, Deputy Subject Leader (Chemistry) at Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy said:

"It was a very informative session during which I think all of our students learnt something and had fun.

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They loved the hands on experience, and all groups tried to take account of at least one of the factors they had been told about with regards to the angle of the sun and wind direction.

It was great to see them being reflective when they were given the feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of their designs. One group of students was particularly interested in the solar collectors. They already knew about solar panels, but the concept of the Sun's energy being harnessed to heat a tank of water was completely new!"

Photographed above are pupils from Monkseaton High School with their sustainable house designs.

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