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Longest Composite Beam Tested at Bradford

Published: Fri 29 Nov 2013
Longest Composite Beam Tested at Bradford

Academics and Engineers from Stuttgart and Luxemburg travel to Bradford to witness the longest composite beam test

 Professor Dennis Lam's heavy structures laboratory was the setting for the testing of the longest composite beam to date.  

"This is one of the biggest labs in the UK for structural testing."  Said Professor Mark Lawson of the Steel Construction Institute, in Ascot; "...this is one of the reasons we have chosen the University of Bradford to carry out this test.  This is part of a €1.5M EU project and we will be testing a new asymmetric composite beam design on Professor Lam's hydraulic testing rig."

The Engineers exerted a total load of 80 tonnes onto the beam.  "The team of Engineering Technicians here at the University has been excellent." Said Professor Lam; "they did a great job in the preparations for this experiment."

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