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Europe could save billions on concrete repairs

Published: Thurs 07 May 2015
Europe could save billions on concrete repairs

The Faculty of Engineering & Informatics recently had the pleasure of welcoming speaker Professor Jueshi Qian, of Chongqing University of China to talk as part of the Interdisciplinary Engineering Research Seminars.

Repair, retrofitting and rehabilitation of existing reinforced concrete structures have become a large part of construction activity in Europe as well as many other developed countries worldwide. The deterioration of highway pavements, airport runways, bridge decks, marine structures and other concrete structures poses serious concern and requires billions of euros for renovation. The cost of maintenance of bridges in Europe exceeds €1 billion per year and that of buildings is more than about €20 billion per year; a significant part of which is spent on repair of concrete structures.

Professor Qian is the academic leader of building materials in Chongqing University of China. He is engaged in many research topics and gave this particular lecture on his work in Magnesium Phosphate Cement for Structural Concrete Repair and Strengthening.

Professor Qian explained how we could now use innovative materials to repair deteriorated reinforced concrete structures; Magnesium Phosphate Cement (MPC) has developed as a repair material for concrete due to its super early-strength, outstanding bond strength, excellent volume stability and durability. However, it has not yet been employed in large scale applications due to the conflict between the strength development and rapid setting as well as the relatively high cost.

It was a great honour to receive Professor Qian, to date he has completed more than 30 research projects with total funds of 15 million RMB, most of which were funded by Chinese central government. He has obtained 7 national and local science and technology awards and authored/co-authored more than 260 papers, got 25 Chinese patents granted and published 3 books.

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