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Final Year Projects and Advanced MEng Projects

During Stages 3 and 4 of the BEng and MEng degrees, students undertake an individual research project, during which they examine a particular subject area in great detail. Projects are typically in the form of experimental research, design exercises, theoretical research, computer-based work, or a combination of these. Some examples of recent project titles are:

  • Analysis of Water Efficiency and Conservation in Buildings
  • A Parametric Study Analysing the Behaviour of Steel Columns in Fire Conditions
  • Renewable Energy for the Urban Environment
  • Further Finite Element Analysis of the Manchester Road Pedestrian Bridge
  • Evaluating the Impact of Reinforcing Soil using Fibre Inclusions: Focusing on the Effect of Granular Sizes and Concentrations
  • Upgrading an Old Residential Building for Energy Performance and Sustainability; Demolish and Rebuild or Refurbish?
  • Bamboo as a Low Cost Concrete Reinforcement Material

Projects are assessed by a written report and a poster presentation. Some photos from previous presentations are shown below (click to enlarge):

Student Projects 2013 - 2Student Projects 2013 - 3Student Projects 2013 - 4Student Projects 2014 - 1Student Projects 2014 - 2Student Projects 2014 - 3Student Projects 2014 - 4Student Projects 2014 - 6Student Projects 2014 - 7Student Projects 2014 - 8