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Computing student's launch mobile app of their creation

Published: Tue 24 Mar 2015
Computing student's launch mobile app of their creation

A team of students from the University of Bradford's Computing Society, PiSoc, have learnt the Android platform from scratch and successfully created an app for sister team, the Chemical Forensic Society.

The app represents the Periodic Table; you tap on an element and it displays more information about it. The user can also select two elements and display the atomic mass of those two elements combined! The app is expected to prove very useful for Chemistry students as well as students studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects at large.

This project has given School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students, Tyba Aziz, Matthew Gibbonsa and Callum Eidson, the chance to work on a real project as part of a team and interact with real clients. Not only has it helped them to learn to program on the new platform and improve their programming skills, but also to develop the essential soft skills that future employers look for; leadership, team work and communication, as well as estimating times for tasks and managing expectations.

This achievement is a great advertisement for the team's skills and will hopefully lead to future work with other real world clients who require apps. It is also something the members can use to show to potential employers as proof of their programming skills.

Pi Soc member Tyba Aziz worked on the project and had this to say: “The app’s aim is to facilitate in atomic mass calculations of multiple elements, but it has also taught us how to work with clients and meet their expectations, which is a great way of preparing students for the industry.”

Computing Professor Daniel Neagu said: “I am pleased to notice once more that our very active Pi Soc student members celebrate yet another success - this time they launched their first Android app on Google Play Store. What makes this project even more interesting is that it has been developed with STEM in mind, following discussions with fellow peers studying chemistry, to develop an interactive Periodic Table that assists in learning chemistry.

“I am looking forward to celebrating the 1,000th download of the application and am sure their energy in solving real problems will assure the visibility of their work as they deserve. Well done, Pi Soc!”

The app is now available for download from the Play Store: and the team are looking forward to receiving plenty of feedback so that they can further improve their creation.

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