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BSc Computer Science student prepares for placement year

Published: Fri 24 Jan 2014
BSc Computer Science student prepares for placement year

Radu Stefan studying for a BSc in Computer Science is another example of the many students that have taken full advantage on the placement year, in which he hopes to build on knowledge he has gained so far at university.

"I'm currently in my second year and so far the course has been an amazing experience. I especially enjoy the fact that it is well structured enough for you to get both theoretical notions and practical experience whilst also offering some opportunities for group projects."

"Campus life, at least in your first year, can"t be compared to anything else. It made it so much easier for me to make friends and it really gives you a sense of community."

For his placement year, Radu will be working with IBM, as a trainee software engineer, in Hursley. In a role that will be mainly technical, involving programming and scripting languages, the opportunity hopes to provide him the chance to branch out and gain a worthwhile experience.

"I feel both nervous and excited at the same time but overall I can’t wait to make the most of this opportunity."

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