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Industry Placements

Employability Skills

Based on the Association of Graduate Recruiter's annual survey, the following skills are the ones most frequently sought after by recruiters. So by doing work experience you enhance your opportunities to secure permanent employment after graduation.


The ability to get your message across and convey your ideas and thoughts effectively, either verbally or in writing, is the most important key skill recruiters look for. Find out about the skill and how you can use your experiences to show a recruiter how well you can communicate.


Working collaboratively with others from a wide range of backgrounds is a key requirement in most occupations.

Initiative and Problem Solving

Recruiters will look for evidence that shows how you personally react to a problem and how quickly and effectively you find a solution.

Planning and Organising

This includes proving that you can work out how to schedule resources, including your own time, to meet differing objectives. All about multi-tasking!


Change is a key element in the world of work. By undertaking work experience you will learn how to quickly adapt to new situations and have the mental flexibility to cope with the challenge of change.

Commercial Awareness

All recruiters look for those who can understand the commercial priorities and economic factors which affect their business. This is more knowledge than skill, and essential whether you want to work in the public or private sector.

Ongoing Development

The willingness and commitment to carry on learning and developing is crucial. Recruiters look for people who learn quickly and seek out opportunities and new experiences to continually improve themselves.


  • Develop new skills
  • Earn money
  • Much improved performance in final year
  • Possible job offer on graduation
  • Enhanced chance of employment after graduation

What to do next

  • Make an early decision to do a placement
  • Plan early
  • Attend career development sessions
  • Enjoy your second year

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