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School of Chemical Engineering Team

Full list of our team

First name Last name Position Profile Photo
Nejat Rahmanian Associate Professor View profile for Nejat Rahmanian Photo of Nejat Rahmanian
Iqbal Mujtaba Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) View profile for Iqbal Mujtaba Photo of Iqbal Mujtaba
Rajnikant Patel Professor of Chemical Engineering. View profile for Rajnikant Patel Photo of Rajnikant Patel
Elaine Brown Reader / Associate Dean (EDI) View profile for Elaine Brown Photo of Elaine Brown
Hadj Benkreira Professor - Coating&Polymer Processing View profile for Hadj Benkreira Photo of Hadj Benkreira
Adrian Kelly Professor of Process Engineering View profile for Adrian Kelly Photo of Adrian Kelly
James Innes PDRA View profile for James Innes Photo of James Innes
Yakubu John Assistant Professor View profile for Yakubu John Photo of Yakubu John
Pedro Arcelus-Arrillaga Assistant Professor View profile for Pedro Arcelus-Arrillaga Photo of Pedro Arcelus-Arrillaga
Nehnah Siddique PDRA View profile for Nehnah Siddique